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Our Story

We are Virtual Staging Plans, a virtual staging company with years of experience in transforming your empty space into a both welcoming and luxurious digital experience.

Why do you need us?

We provide you with the chance to show your potential buyers their future and convince them that this home is the perfect fit for them.

Throughout the years, we have done projects for many real estate agents who are selling properties, which allowed us to witness the increasing interest and quick sales thanks to virtual staging photography and virtual staging real estate for homes.

Virtual staging is undoubtedly taking over traditional staging because we live in a modern era, and it also requires less time, energy, and money.

Before and After 3d rendered Living Room
Virtual House Staging in Scandi Style

Learn what drive us

Our mission is to help real estate agents and individuals sell their real estate much faster by providing them with high-quality and lifelike virtual photo staging of the decor and furnishings of the space in the property.

Our ultimate goal is to make your potential buyers fall in love with the property you are selling by giving you the chance to visualize and show the full potential of the design of the property via virtual staging solutions.

Our vision is pretty simple – Virtual Staging Plans will be one of the leading virtual staging companies in the United States and beyond, that offers the key 3 in 1 benefits: speed, quality, and exclusive prices, convenient for every budget.

What’s A Staging Room?

Traditionally, a staging room is a room of a home that is selling completely furnished with staging furniture with the intent to showcase the potential of the room. All of the furniture is rented, and it isn’t sold with the house.

Today, with the advanced era of technology taking the central place in our everyday lives, the staging of the room can be done virtually, and an empty room can be digitally transformed into a full room with furniture, designed in any style the seller wants. These photos can be used for promotional purposes online.

The greatest benefit of staging a room virtually is that it costs far less than traditional staging (we are talking thousands-of-dollars less) and that one room can be presented in several different styles. Plus, staged photos are made in a day or two and can be immediately used for promotional purposes.

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