Our story

We are Virtual Staging Plans, a virtual staging agency with an incredible experience in transforming your empty space into a luxurious, warm, and welcoming digital experience of your home or property.

You need us so you can show your potential buyers a glimpse into their future and convince them that this property is the right fit for them.

During the past years, we have done projects for many realtors and individuals who are selling their houses, and we have been witnesses to the increasing interest and quick sales thanks to our virtually staged photos of their homes.

It is safe to say that in this technological era we live in today, virtual staging is steadily taking over traditional staging which is much more time, money and energy-consuming.

Choose Virtual Staging and see how fast you sell your home.

How Do I Order Virtual Staging Service

Our Mission

Virtual Staging Plans’ mission is to help real estate agents and individuals sell their real estate fast by providing them with high quality life-like staged photos of the furnishings and decor of the space in the home/commercial property.

It is our goal to make your potential buyers fall in love with the place you are selling by showing the full potential of the looks and design of the home.

Our vision

When we look into our company’s future, we see ourselves as one of the leading virtual staging companies in the USA that offers the key 3 in 1 benefits: speed, quality and exclusive prices, convenient for every budget.