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6 Brilliant Tips for Kitchen Staging That Will Make a Difference

Publish on Oct 26, 2020 Virtual Staging HomeBlog6 Brilliant Tips for Kitchen Staging That Will Make a Difference

When discussing home staging, many people have their own ideas and theories as to what works best. However, when talking about which room can have a considerable impact and great importance on the sale process  – many agree that is the kitchen. Time spent on staging the kitchen is pretty valuable since the kitchen is the 3rd most important room in a home during a sale process, according to realtors. Here are some tips on how to stage the kitchen for sale.

Get Rid of Clutter

First and foremost, give your kitchen a big decluttering session. This will create space and will give the whole room a cleaner look. Every little thing you have previously placed on the countertops should be removed. Anything you decide is worth staying should remain only for its staging purposes, so have that in mind when deciding.

If you have any bills or other paper lying around – store it in a fashionable yet functional box space or a drawer. The same goes for chargers and smaller kitchen appliances. This goes for banana hammocks, blenders, or towel holders that do not necessarily have to be on display for staging. Since you still need these, you can neatly store them in a separate kitchen cabinet meant for this situation.

Depersonalize the Fridge and Walls

Second, take a close look at the fridge doors and all kitchen walls. If you place your family photos and holiday souvenirs, think about removing them from the potential buyer’s sight. These items are way too personal, and the buyer should be allowed to imagine their life there and create their own memories.

This is also applicable for your kids’ art, any personal notes and other small details that are there just for your personal benefit. Store them neatly so that it would be easy for you to find them later. Simply put, when kitchen staging, the room should not reflect your personal life; on the contrary, it should allow for a clean slate for the buyer.

Deep Clean the Entire Room

This should go without saying. A scrub down of the entire room is a must when kitchen staging. It will give a fresh, clean look, accompanied by a pleasant scent. Don’t forget the appliances, the sink, and any leftover burnt stains on the stove. And the floors too. It is worth the work, trust me.

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Spice up Space With a Bit of Color

This is especially important if your kitchen comes in a more natural color palette. Even if it doesn’t – carefully selected colorful pieces will surely bring life to the room. When choosing the shade, make sure you go for one that complements the rest of the rooms and their colors, and use it in more than one place.

For instance, if you choose to add a tad of orange to an otherwise beige room, you can add it in flowers, a small pillow, and a small picture on the wall. Remember, kitchen staging is one of the crucial stages when selling a home, so give it the time and effort it deserves. You can play with the color options and details; just be careful to have a tasteful outcome.

Remove the Window Covers for Natural Light

Note that this is doable if your kitchen overlooks a beautiful garden or a pleasing outdoor space. If not, go for lighter materials when choosing drapes or screens and still let as much light as you possibly can.

For many people, natural light creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere and makes the home feel inviting. You should use this tip for every room, really – not just the kitchen.

Make a Few Updates

Finally, since replacing things can cost a small fortune, update the already existing parts of the room. For one, you can paint the cabinets and give them a whole new, trendy look. Sure, this entire process should be done carefully and the right way, but in the end, the results will most certainly pay off. The color is up to you, but when choosing paint, make sure you use one with a hard finish. This is so that the paint can stand up to the wear and tear all kitchens go through in time.

Another upgrade that is affordable yet effective is changing the knobs and pulls. Matching hardware throughout the entire room will result in a stylish image and a more wholesome look.

And Lastly, Simplify the Process by Doing it Virtually

All of the tips and tricks mentioned above would be much simpler if done virtually. The goal is the same – create a kitchen space that will attract buyers. Now, imagine not having to lift a finger, and still make a quick sale. It is doable, that is for sure. When it comes to virtual kitchen staging, there are a few key points to follow – show the functionality and looks, and of course, as said earlier, tidiness, details and decluttering matter here too. By opting for virtual kitchen staging, you create a space that is just a few clicks away from any potential buyer.

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