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Discovering the Truths of Virtual Staging: Why Real Estate Agents Swear By This Technique?

Publish on Sep 10, 2019 Virtual Staging HomeBlogDiscovering the Truths of Virtual Staging: Why Real Estate Agents Swear By This Technique?

In the world of real estate, the first thing you need to do is attract the potential buyer, charm them and make them fall in love with the listing before they ever see it in person. How can you do that successfully, especially over the net, as the majority of them start their search for their future home online? Fortunately, there is a trick that realtors use as an ace in the sleeve when it comes to mesmerising the potential buyers. This trick is the very popular technique of virtual staging.

Some Statistics about Virtual Staging

  • 77% of realtors say that virtual staging helps buyers see the potential of their future home.
  • 92% of checked listings are first found online and the majority of them are virtually staged.
  • 67% of realtors say staging decreases time on the market.
  • 40% of realtors say that the potential buyers are more interested in a house that is virtually staged.
  • the price can be increased up to 20% when the home is staged and shows the potential.

What Is Virtually Staged?

Virtually staged home is a photo of the room that is digitally furnished with the furniture and other decorative elements according to the preferences of the seller. It shows the room in a new light and visualises the options for designing. It gives concrete ideas to the buyer how to style their future home and helps them imagine their future living there.

Usually, photos are taken of an empty room and then the virtual staging designer does his magic-using special software to digitally furnish the room and create a luxurious, warm and welcoming feel.

Is Virtual Staging Worth It?

That is a strong YES. If you take a look at the statistics above, it is obvious that people are easily attracted by a photo that shows a beautifully designed home and it is that one that they will check out first and take into consideration for buying.

In addition, it is not expensive to purchase such a service. The virtual staging technique can cost you from $35 and up per photo and all you need to do is provide the virtual staging designer with a quality photo of the emptied room. Then, in just a day or two, you will get back your digitally designed room on a photo that you can immediately use to advertise your house.

Does Staging Your Home Work?

virtually staged apartment

Indeed, it does. It offers an immediate solution to the potential buyer how to design it and plan their future life living there. It can also nudge the creativity of the buyer to make use of some of the options and make some plans on how to plan the arrangement of the furniture inside the rooms. Without a doubt, it is a lot easier to imagine what goes where when they can visualise how big of furniture they can fit in each angle of the room instead of staring at an empty room. Plus, it gives the rooms that modern and refreshed feeling that every new owner of a house wants to achieve with the design of their new home.

How Much Can a Home Stager Make?

The traditional home stager makes at least $1.000 for an initial consultation. However, the number can go up to $10.000 if the client has greater needs and a bigger project planned. That is why the costs for traditional home staging are very high. And if you are an individual realtor working alone or you want to sell your house individually, it is better to avoid these high costs altogether.

Virtual staging comes as an ideal solution because it is rather cheap and a fast and simple solution. Plus, the virtual staging designers have already got a digital library with furniture that can be offered to the seller of the home to pick the style and design.

The Bottom Line

Virtual staging has proven many times that it is an effective technique that appeals to the home searchers. It brings to the table freshness, opportunity and visualisation and because of that, it is cheered upon both by realtors and potential buyers of homes.

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