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Why Do You Need a Bedroom Makeover Right Now?

Publish on Mar 19, 2021 Virtual Staging HomeBlogWhy Do You Need a Bedroom Makeover Right Now?

Is your bedroom looking a tad boring, or the room seems a bit tired or shabby? When thinking about the answers, consider the fact that your bedroom is the most personal space which is supposed to offer you peace, tranquility, comfort, and rest every single night you go to bed. If you are even thinking about it, then your bedroom probably needs a makeover. This is necessary even if you plan on selling your home too. Either way, you should be informed on how to stage a master bedroom and you should do it right – be it for you or for a showcase. Luckily, you are at the right place regardless of the scenario you are in. Read on for the details.

Preparing the Master Bedroom for a Sale

If you are planning on selling your home, and you want to present it in the best possible light – follow these tips to help you navigate the process. The master bedroom should be a priority when you want to sell because potential buyers will pay attention to it, you can be sure about that.

When staging a bedroom for sale you need to make sure that you don’t overdo it and that you don’t over-personalize it. Remember, buyers, are supposed to imagine themselves living there, and not witness your life and your memories. Allow them space for them to create a vision of their future living in your home, and sleeping in your bedroom. Here are a few additional tips and tricks.

Clean and Decluttered Space Sells Faster

Always double-check whether the entire room is clean. Not just clean – squeaky clean. When learning how to stage a master bedroom, you should know that dust and dirt are an unacceptable nuisance that will surely drive potential buyers away. Vacuum the floor and carpets, wipe down each surface of the room, and don’t ever forget about cleaning the windows and doors. Additionally, if your bedroom window overlooks your garden, make sure that the view is neat and gorgeous. It will add to the charm of the room and of the entire home overall.

neutral color bedroom

Go For Neutral Color Schemes

Since you want to create a room atmosphere that would be appealing for different genders and ages, it is recommended that you use neutral colours when stage decorating. There are thousands of bedroom staging ideas when it comes to the colour palette, so go for beige, whites, greys, and if you want to add colour you can include some greenery or picture frames in bolder palettes.

Don’t Forget the Bed

When going through master bedroom staging ideas, or tips on how to stage a master bedroom, never ignore the ones regarding the bed. It is so important that it needs its own staging. Start with a headboard (if you don’t have one already). It completes the area around the bed, and it gives out a polished look. Since this room needs to be more welcoming you can’t go wrong with crisp white bedding, a bedspread or a neutral coloured duvet, and finish off with a few accent throw pillows that go well with the rest of the colour scheme in the room.

Virtual Staging for a Faster Staging Process

When comparing traditional vs. virtual staging there are a few noticeable differences that you should know about before making a decision on which to use. First of all, virtual staging is cheaper and the results are magnificent. Second, it is a time-saver. When traditionally staging a room you need to think about renting and placing new furniture pieces, making a schedule for each home visit etc.

On the other hand, when you opt for virtually home staging the master bedroom you need a photo of the room, an idea of what you want it to look like, and a professional virtual stager that can turn your vision into a reality. In just a day or two, you will receive the end result – a photorealistic preview of your master bedroom. It will include all the furniture pieces you want, and if you provide an image from the outside of your home they can even create a virtual twilight effect that will surely help with the sale.

Another thing that makes virtual staging such a grand idea is that it can help make a sale even if you have a completely empty bedroom. If this is the case with your room, and you struggle with the thought of how to stage a master bedroom that is completely empty – virtual stagers can fill it up from the floor to ceilings the way you like it and help you put the room on the online market. This way, potential buyers will be able to see the entire potential of the room, and they can have an image of what the room would look like when completely furnished.

Preparing the Master Bedroom for Renovation

This is for those of you who are not considering making a sale just yet, and simply want to renovate the bedroom in order to improve it. Well, there are a few tips and tricks that will show you how to stage a master bedroom when the final intent is to make it more livable and homey.


The 3 Keywords of Bedroom Renovation

There are three elements that you need to take care of when renovating your bedroom. We are talking about making the room comfortable, welcoming, and personalized.

Comfort – since we know that getting a good night’s sleep is a priceless luxury not everyone enjoys, you need to make sure that you create a space that invites you in, and an environment that will have a positive impact on your sleeping habits. It is not only about the bed itself (it does need to be comfortable, sure), but it is about the surroundings as well.

Welcoming – here is where you need to have an idea of how to decorate a bedroom to make it more welcoming. Once you take care of the comfort angle, you should also make the space welcoming by including high-quality materials that are pleasing to the eyes, and décor elements that will add to the character of the room. A character that reflects your own – thus making it a more welcoming area for you.

Personalized – this should go without saying. The master bedroom is the most intimate space of your home, and you should treat it and decorate it like one. If you have a partner that you share the room with try to harmonize your styles and find a balance that will satisfy both your tastes. And of course, since you create shared memories this shouldn’t be a difficult task for both of you.

Additional Details That Matter When Renovating

Once you improve or replace the furniture and décor pieces, there are a few other details that you are strongly advised to consider and act on. Here are a few to keep you on the right track:

  • The master bedroom should be well-ventilated for proper sleep cycle
  • Use as much light during the day, and limit the outdoor light during nighttime for better sleep
  • Don’t overload the room with too many décor pieces, or furniture that doesn’t fit the size of the room
  • If you can, avoid creating an office space in the same room where you sleep
  • Even if you are a minimalist, you should always think about storage space and whether you have enough or you need to add some

A Few Tips on How to Declutter Your Bedroom

Now that we covered the tips on how to stage a master bedroom, next comes one very important detail that matters when you stage for a sale or for when you renovate your bedroom. We will discuss decluttering. Keeping you room neat, clean, and decluttered should be a priority – it really does make a difference. A decluttered room should not entail an empty bedroom or bear walls or floors. It means keeping your bedroom in order. Here are a few steps for you to follow.

Step 1: Sort Your Stuff into Three Main Piles

This is also known as the three-box-method. You take three boxes and you sort your things based on what you want to do with them – keep them, get rid of them, or put into storage. For each item you decide you want to put in the “keep” box, you also need to think about where you are going to place it.

For the items that you want to put into storage, neatly organize and label the boxes so that you can find them quickly the next time you need them. And lastly, for the items you want to get rid of – think about whether you can donate something, and then throw the rest away.

Step 2: Donate or Get Rid of Clothes You Don’t Wear

Don’t keep the pieces of clothing you don’t wear. They take up too much needed space, and are a great thing to donate to people in need. Be decisive, and each piece that either doesn’t fit you or you haven’t worn in the past year or so needs to go. If they are in good condition find a charity and give them away, if not – throw them out. Either way, you free up space to neatly organize the pieces you actually wear.

Step 3: Pack Your Out-of-Season Clothes Away

While on the topic of clothes, you need to keep your winter clothes away when it is warm outside, and the other way around. You can use vacuum seal bags and store them under your bed or on top of the wardrobe.

Step 4: Declutter the Bedside Table and Shelves Too

This is recommended for every visible surface in the room. You shouldn’t keep them completely empty, but they shouldn’t be overcrowded either. Keep the essentials, and everything else can be neatly stored in drawers or cabinets.

Step 5: Remove All Unnecessary Furniture and Décor Pieces

This can declutter the master bedroom most noticeably. If you have any furniture pieces lying around, not doing much – you should consider removing them. You can either use them in some other room, or give them away if they are in proper condition. And if you do own a couple of broken things, don’t wait for use to remind you that you need to throw those away. Remember, if you free up a floor space, your master bedroom will instantly look bigger and more de-cluttered.


From what we can read above, it is more than clear that the master bedroom matters – regardless of whether you renovate it, or whether you stage it for a sale. Either way, you should follow the above mentioned tips and tricks that will help you stay the course and create the perfect atmosphere for you or potential buyers.

The entire thinking process of how to stage a master bedroom can be exhausting, can take up a lot of time, and of course – it can cost quite a lot of money. One solution for these issues is virtual staging. Your job here is to envision the room and take a picture of it. You don’t even have to envision it. You should provide the photo to a professional virtual stager and let him/her do their job.

If you don’t have an idea of what the room should look like, or if you don’t have even the slightest clue on how to stage a master bedroom, they are here to help and offer advice. They can even show you a few ready designs for you to choose from, or discuss with you potential ideas. The end result will come in a short period of time, and your room will be placed on the online market in no time. And we all know that today people start the search for their next home mostly online.

And finally, one last thing that you need to take care of is the clutter in the master bedroom. It is something that you need to avoid at all costs. From clothes you don’t wear to furniture pieces you don’t use or are broken. It all needs to go and allow you to use that free space more efficiently.

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