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Numbers and Other Data That Prove the Relevance of Virtual Staging in Real Estate

Publish on Dec 17, 2019 Virtual Staging HomeBlogNumbers and Other Data That Prove the Relevance of Virtual Staging in Real Estate

Virtual staging has proven a real facilitator for the real estate industry. Relators make great use of it to showcase the full potential of the home and sell them faster. When done professionally, the photos are realistic, and the difference between real and fake (digital) furniture is non-existent. Because of this, the virtual staging service helps to increase the price of the house, and according to some statistics, the price is about 6% higher when the house is promoted with quality virtual staging photos.

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Millennials for the Win

In the USA, the real estate industry is seeing significant growth because Millennials who buy a house for the first time are eager to spend some more money on their future home. And the number of Millennials who buy a house for the first time is pretty substantial – 65% whereas generation X comes second at 24%. As Millennials use technology and understand it deeply, the digitalization of real estate promotion is happening very fast. They know what they want and once they see it, it is far easier to arrange a viewing and make a decision.

Digitalisation Is Key

The same goes for the use of technology by Millennials who are involved in the selling process of the house. In the past, people read newspaper ads to find a home. In fact, 22% of the potential buyers used newspapers to find a suitable home. However, today, the search is done on the net. As time passed, realtors invested money in technology so that they can tailor-make the promotion campaigns to suit the homebuyers. Another interesting fact is that 58% of the Millennials found their new homes on a mobile device.

And all of these numbers lead to one conclusion: all comes down to the power of instant presentation. People are aware of the opportunities the digitalization has brought and the global interconnection and are using these opportunities to the best of their abilities. Thus, virtual staging has proven to be a real game-changer in the real estate industry.

Virtual Staging Plan’s Experience with Numbers

My being in the business of virtual staging for several years now gives me the right to say that the interest is becoming larger and larger every single day. The powerful representation the service provides doesn’t leave a single soul unimpressed. In fact, in 6 USA cities, the level of curiosity that turned into profit made virtual staging one of the best selling services in real estate. Virtual staging Denver area is very popular with realtors who are acknowledging the use of this service. Also, virtual staging San Antonio service is consumed for the larger part by the 3432 listed homes, while virtual staging New York seems to be the most popular service when it comes to the trend of staging the images of the home digitally.

In continuation, virtual staging Austin is applied to the majority of 632 listed properties, whereas the virtual staging San Diego area is applied to the majority of the 1016 properties. Finally, virtual staging in Washington DC is mostly popular on huge mansions where home sellers want to achieve a first impression that lasts.

The Bottom Line

Virtual staging is very important and shouldn’t be taken for granted. What home searchers see first are the virtually staged rooms, and based on what they see and how they like it, they made the decision to explore the option further. If you are a real estate agent or an individual who wants to sell their house, you would probably not want your house to be dismissed by someone else just because the digital representation of the rooms didn’t do them justice.

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