Chic style like the ’70s

The Best of the Best: Top Interior Decorative Trends in 2019

As we are slowly moving towards the end of 2019, here is an overview of what was and is still very hot in terms of interior design and decorative elements. 2018 was the year of rose gold décor, exposed lighting, and subway tiles, but 2019 offers something fresh and different. Let’s take a look.

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exterior look of house twilight

4 Reasons Why Virtual Twilight Sells Houses Faster?

When it comes to selling a listing fast, realtors and individuals have turned to virtual staging designers to produce a digital representation of the full potential of the house. Why? Because it makes homes sell like hotcakes. Below you have reasons how this is possible, and before the reasons, there is a closer look into virtua...

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Twilight Real Estate Photography

3 Major Benefits of Virtual Twilight Real Estate Photography

We have recently talked about what is virtual twilight in the real estate industry and we have pointed out the great importance this photo technique has in increasing the sales of houses. The possibility to have the house photographed at daytime and digitally transformed into a photograph taken at dusk is nowadays very common practice in the real estate world....

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staged living room, dining room and kitchen open floor

Why Virtual Staging Is Still the Top Choice of Realtors?

It’s 2019 and it seems that technology and the internet have taken the primary spot in our lives when it comes to organising our activities, doing business and spending the free time. Regardless of what our upcoming activity is, we do the background check on the net and use its resources to the fullest before making any decisions. In that fashion, virtual stag...

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Virtual Staging

How Can Virtual Staging Help You Renovate Your Home?

Renovating the home is always a tiring thing to do, especially when you want to make sure that everything works out according to your plan. It takes planning, designing and actually taking care of the furniture – removing the old and placing the new, as well as changing the colours of the wall other arrangement plans in the rooms. Usually, people hire an agenc...

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Home Staging Online

How to Get Your Home Staged Online for Little Money

Whether you are selling your home or just renovating it, you need to plan how you are going to design it. If you are selling your home, you need to showcase it on the net as people start looking for their future home on the web. Or, if you are renovating you need a specific plan or design how to place the furniture and the other decorative elements. It is obv...

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staging furniture for sale

How to Showcase the House You’re Selling in the Best Possible Way?

You have decided to sell your house. You made your fair share of memories in it and now it is time for another family to make theirs. So, you want to transfer some of that positive experience in the way you are going to showcase the house to the potential buyers. How can you do that? There are two ways: by actual staging it and by virtual st...

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virtual twilight of a terrace next to a pool

5 Questions Answered about Virtual Twilight

Showing the exterior of a house in all its glory with enhanced lighting and magnificent curb appeal is certainly one of the deciding factors in buying/selling a house. Realtors very often use a twilight shot of the exterior of the house as it does wonders for the sales. But taking that perfect hero shot at just the right moment might prove i...

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