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Staging the Office Space: Here Is Why You Must Do It

Publish on Feb 17, 2020 HomeBlogStaging the Office Space: Here Is Why You Must Do It

Previously, we talked about how important it is to stage the living room, the most important room for viewing, in order to make the house sell fast. While the living room was the room that sparked most interest in buyers before making a decision when talking about selling residential homes, the office space shouldn’t also be neglected. If you are renting or selling an office / commercial space,  you’ll be glad to know that staging has the same effect as with the homes – it makes the property sell fast. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of staging an office space and everything else crucial to help you close the deal fast.

By staging an office, you give the empty space a complete look with a focus on decorative details and furniture. You highlight the whole working environment, and you make all strengths stand out while the imperfections are neglected by the entire look. Not only has staging helped sell an office fast, but also it increases the perceived value of the space. This is exactly what attracts a greater audience who are ready to buy fast.


By staging an office space, you inspire the prospective tenants to visualize how they will conduct their business in the wholesome setting. They can see the furniture, workstations, the lobby and reception area of their future surroundings and nudge a creative force in them. They will be able to imagine how their workday is going to turn out for them and their team members, which will lead them to consider to buy or rent the place if they love what they see.

staging a commercial space in white and wooden tones

Aimed Staging

If you have the idea who can most benefit buying or renting the commercial or office space you are selling or renting, you can stage it in the way that will primarily appeal to their personality and work profile. For example, if you have the gist of who are the newest and hottest businesses at the moment that are developing, you can pinpoint the right audience, stage the office to fit their preferences, and get yourself a fast deal.

If several options of business niches and work profiles of office buyers are possible, the best thing to do is virtually stage the office in several different scenarios to reach more audiences. For example, you can virtually stage the office for an IT team and digitally set up the workstations with a computer on each. Or, if a single person is to work in the office, then staging it with a massive desk with a computer and lots of shelves behind is another idea.

Nevertheless, creating more ideas out of one office space will be much more fruitful than say, staging one version and attracting only one profile of a business.

Stage Inside and Out

If the commercial space has more than one room/facility, then you can create visuals for the whole office complex. For example, the lobby, the reception, and the main office, where people would be working should be (virtually) staged to the tiniest detail so that the future owners/renters can get an idea of how their working environment would look like. Seeing it as a whole is a step closer to make them consider to buy/rent the place and eventually do it.

To sum up

It is of great importance to stage the office space in several different styles in order to make it look suitable for different types of businesses that can be run there. Enabling more visualizing opportunities means reaching a greater audience. Thus, the more exposure, the higher are the chances that people will recognize the potential of the place and buy/rent it.

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