Dining Room Staging

The family that dines together stays together! Showcase the beauty of your dining room space to the potential buyers or renters and help them imagine their future in the home you are selling.

Stage My Dining Room

Is your home for selling or renting? Or do you represent a listing?

If yes, consider showcasing the dining room along with the living room and bedroom to capture the whole atmosphere of the home.

Why Stage the Dining Room?

The dining room is a place where the family gets together. It symbolizes an intimate moment between the family members, and it is the most appreciated part of the house when it comes to holiday gatherings. The dining room gives soul to the house and thus becomes one of the most popular places in the house. 

In the same manner, the dining room becomes a beautiful part of the house for potential buyers. Therefore, staging a dining room for sale should be one of the top 3 virtual staging photos you are to offer to your potential buyers online. 

Which Features Should Be Highlighted When Staging a Dining Room?

You can’t focus on everything when staging the dining room. It will be too much. And a photo is only attractive if it has some visual appeal to offer. Certain features should be accentuated, and here they are.

Dining Table

It is all about the dining room. It is always the focal point of the room as it defines the design style of the room. The table and the chairs should be matching or complimenting each other. The number of chairs will point to the size of the dining room since the more chairs you put around the dining table, the bigger the room will seem. Don’t use this feature to confuse the potential buyer, because six to eight chairs around a table in a small dining room will definitely look crowded. 

Lighting Solutions

Another exciting segment of staging a dining room is what kind of lighting fixtures you want to showcase. If you go for the traditional style, a chandelier is always a great idea; however, if you prefer more of a modern arrangement, then wall sconces, accent lighting fixtures, monorail, recessed, and track lighting is a much better idea. 

A Rug or No Rug?

Again, the size of the room will dictate the necessity of adding a rug. If it is a small dining room, then skipping the rug is a reasonable idea. However, if the room is big, them a rug under the table can make the room look wholesome and drawn together. Also, it will add a burst of color. A simple rule of thumb is calculating at least 24 inches of extra room on all four sides of the dining table for functionality and visual reasons. 

Walls in Different Colors

It is best to present the dining room with walls in light and neutral colors. That way, the room will look more prominent. Even if the current wall color is dark because it goes with the tone of the rest of the house, keep in mind that everyone has a different taste and will differently perceive the current coloring solutions. Use our virtual staging services to stage the dining room in neutral and present all of its glory.  

Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on your taste and desires. Which style you prefer and how well it will complement the rest of the rooms. The most important thing is to be illuminated and to have a focal point (usually the dining table). Also, it should be showing the real size of the room and the elements included should correspond to the size. Overstaging is always too much, but small, subtle decorative details will increase the visual appeal.

You can get as creative as you want, just make sure it goes with the tone of the rest of the room. Some ideas include potted plants, stem holder, a vase, candles or candle pillar, freshly cut flowers, and so on.

The cozy look will give the dining room a homey feel. To achieve this, stage the dining room by adding a tabletop on the dining table, add greenery in the corners of the room, alternate seating is always a good idea, and accent lighting always sets a warm stage.

At Virtual Staging Plans, the price is $35 per photo. You just need to send a photo of an empty dining room and comment on any special wishes regarding the style and let us do the virtual staging.