Virtual Renovation

Visualise the end look of the renovation process before spending a small fortune on renovation materials and see whether the final look will fulfil your expectations. Make sure your renovation plan is headed the way it was designed.

Let’s virtually renovate your place

Are you planning to renovate your home to increase your property value before you list it for selling, to restore its former glory and save the cost of moving, or make your home a more eco-friendly place to live?

Whichever the reason, you should first visualise the expected outcome and then start the renovation/remodelling process to save time, money and energy.

Benefits of Virtual Renovation

Virtual stagers can digitally execute the renovation plan you have so you can see how it will look in real life. With this service, all the decorative elements and furniture can be arranged according to the design plan. Also, the colour of the walls can be changed, the flooring type and the exterior of the property will be digitally presented. 

If you want to see how a pool will look in your garden, our Virtual Staging Plans designers can digitally present all the ways possible. If you want to check whether a certain type of flooring complements the rest of the room and the colour of the furniture, our Virtual Staging Plans designers will execute this look for you. All you need to do is say what you want to be featured on the photo. 

Reasons to Virtually Renovate Your Place

If you plan on keeping the place

Virtual renovation will help you see the new, improved design in its final glory. You will be able to see whether your desired changes will look the way you wanted, saving you time and money and away from unnecessary costs. 

If you plan on selling the place

In such cases, virtual renovation or remodeling will give the potential buyers an insight of the possibilities of how they can change the place should they choose to buy it. You can show the potential of the home by focusing on the parts that need to be changed and present the space in a new, more attractive way.

If you plan on renting it

If your renovation purposes are to increase the chances of renting the place faster, then virtual renovation will help you foresee the necessary changes that must be done in order to make the place much more interesting and comfortable, following the current trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are different apps that can help you remodel your house, but they come with few features that won’t do justice to your desired preferences. It is always better to contact a virtual stager who will implement all your requests into the design and make the place look exactly as you want.

First plan then do. Before shopping for materials and new elements, consult a virtual stager to digitally present your ideas so you can see whether it is something you are going for. That way you will be able to save money and buy only the elements you know will look good

At Virtual Staging Plans the virtual renovation service costs $60 and includes adding/removing walls, replacing flooring, adding fixtures, virtual furniture staging, adding or completing rooms, removing objects/blemishes.