Bedroom Staging

The second most popular room for staging. Virtually stage and present the bedroom in all of its glory and amaze home buyers with a visual presentation they can’t resist.

Stage my bedroom

Bedrooms should evoke feelings of spaciousness, calmness, neatness and elegance. You are not just selling a place to sleep; you are selling a peaceful retreat. Offer excellent virtually staged photos of the bedroom to your potential buyers.

There are no rules on which interior design works best when staging a bedroom. However, what is important is to showcase the potential the bedroom has, especially if you are selling an empty home. With the bedroom, you must opt for light, colour and decoration that feel homey, cosy and intimate. At Virtual Staging Plans, we do the best bedroom staging for selling a home in a fast way, successfully including all elements that have a convincing effect on buyers.


According to NAR’s (National Association of Realtors) report from March 2019 the master bedroom is the second most important room to be staged in the home. 42% of the agents have chosen the bedroom as the most important room, immediately after the living room.

It is not a wonder that the bedroom takes the second place. While the living room makes a perfect place for spending time with family and friends in conversations in front of the TV; the bedroom is a place where people enjoy intimacy, calmness and recharge for the next day. It is our goal to present your bedroom this way to attract as many potential buyers as possible. With our ideas for staging a bedroom you will sell your home fast.

How Do You Present a Bedroom For Sale?

It is all about visual appeal and first impressions. Once the home buyer enters the bedroom, they should be convinced that this is the place where they want to wake up in future. Only a simple glance is enough to fall in love with the comfort and functionality of the bedroom.

Since the first impression of your home and bedroom people will get from an online listing, the virtual staging of the bedroom should be done with great quality and life-like elements. The proportions and sizes of the virtual furniture as well as the decorations in the rooms should create a harmony which the home buyer will get interested to check out.

At Virtual Staging Plans, we are able to create the most impressive visual appeal of your bedroom, accentuating the spaciousness and relaxing potential it has.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can decorate the bedroom according to any style you prefer. The most important principles are: it must be neat, comfy and spacious. Hence, you can opt for he Scandinavian minimalism in décor or the shabby chic unique details. Either way, it needs to show harmony altogether.

By accentuating the highlights in the room. If the room has a balcony, put the accent on the window that looks into the balcony. If it has space for a large bed, then make sure a king size bed is displayed as the focal point.

Very often, people come with requests for their bedroom to be staged in a way that supports the feng shui principles. Our virtual stagers are aware of these wishes and can stage a bedroom according to feng shui principles. So, when it comes to the bedroom, a bed feng shui is lining the bed with the door as it means energy slipping away. Or, placing a bed under the window would mean lack of support. Finally, a bed facing a mirror is known to deplete the energy. Our stagers are aware of this and if you are a strong feng shui believer, the style will be designed using this approach.

With small master bedrooms it is most important to show that the functionality of the small space. This would mean including smaller-in-size elements that will complement each other and make the most of the space.

At Virtual Staging Plans it is $35 per photo, and you get to choose the style and design.