Exterior Staging

Present the exterior of your property to buyers by highlighting its best features and let the images show your backyard's full potential with decorative elements like pools, furniture, and fascinating curb appeal

I want my home exterior staged

The first impression of a home is the most important. It makes or breaks the deal. The first look at the exterior of a house you want to sell is what excites the buyers. If they are not excited, they will pass on the listing.

Is the yard big or small? Does it have greenery and trees? What about the patio? And the outside table and chairs? And perhaps, a pool? All of this is important to include in a photo that shows the exterior of a house as it immediately raises the visual appeal. The illumination also makes a striking difference – photos taken at daytime or dusk. The exterior, in most cases, determines whether the buyers will keep looking at the listing. As open houses and real viewings are put on hold, virtual staging is the best alternative to showcase the outside look of the property you are selling and achieve the wow moment of the buyer’s deciding process.


While advertising the property you are selling, make sure people know that the exterior look is digitally achieved. It is unethical to present the home the way it is virtually staged without telling potential buyers that what they are looking at is a possible, futuristic idea of the current state of the property. Once this is cleared, leave it to the Virtual Staging Plans stagers to create fascinating exterior designs.

Which design elements can be added to an exterior look?

Our stagers have done wonders when it comes to the exterior looks of the properties. These are the top favorites, as chosen by real estate agents and individuals selling their houses on their own.

Greenery and Trees

Landscaping the curb appeal is the number one priority. Neat, tidy, and uncluttered gives an extraordinarily comfortable feel to the whole property. A well-maintained garden evokes feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, and relaxation. The yard should be clean and green, while the flowers are blooming.

Regardless of your yard being big or small, the possibilities are countless. There are many types of plants in all sizes that can make the yard look heavenly. The most popular choices are shrubs or small trees like the barberry, or the smoke tree, flowering perennials like the peony, groundcovers like Liriope, ornamental grass like the Feather Reed Grass and many, many others. If you have a preference, our virtual stagers will include the wanted plants on the photo.

No Cars in the Driveway

A photo of the exterior of the house shouldn’t include cars in the driveway. The driveway should also be made visually appealing. It is the largest hard area near the house, so the material and look of it will hugely impact the curb appeal and, hence, the buyer’s decision whether to consider the property to buy.


A lawn that is not mowed is an instant turn off for buyers—the same works for virtually staged photos. If the lawn is not presented in its perfect condition, the interest will significantly decrease. Another trick that works wonders is an edged lawn. It adds visual value to the rest of the yard.

Decorative Elements

Elements like birdfeeders, flagpoles, fountains, and patio flower beds and pots make the place extremely interesting. The house immediately feels more comfortable and homey, which is a big plus for the potential new family living there.

Yard Furniture

The yard furniture should complement the rest of the setting’s looks, and it should feel like it belongs there as a part of the whole look. It is even better when it is similar to the style of the interior furniture, as in this case, it gives a little preview of what is expected to be seen inside the home.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a matter of preference for every seller. Our stagers at Virtual Staging Plans have the experience to showcase your home’s exterior the best way possible as they follow the trends in the real estate market. You can take a look at the gallery and inspire yourself with an already created look, or you can share your ideas and work on the concept with our stagers to present the exterior of your house the way you desire.

Yes. It helps you make a quick and easy sale as it increases the visual appeal of a listing. In fact, staged homes spend far less time on the market than those that aren’t. Sometimes, no more than a month passes when a real estate agent receives an offer.

It is somewhat arguable whether a virtually staged exterior can increase the price of the home. It is more to be perceived as an alternative to show the house’s potential and avoid slower offers and concessions.

At Virtual Staging Plans, it is a service that costs $35, and if you wish the shot to be made with virtual twilight effects, that will cost an additional $20.