Commercial / Office Staging

It is all about presenting FUNCTIONALITY when staging commercial/office space. Present a working environment that exudes with positivity, comfort, and efficiency with our virtual staging services.

Stage my Office

Are you selling, remodeling, or renting commercial/office spaces?

If YES, consider creating a digital preview of the space by having it virtually staged. Showing the potential of the office will create an instant attraction to the area altogether, prompting a rise of interest and a fast sale.

The 4 Huge Benefits of Why You Should Do Office Staging

Realtors agree about the benefits home staging has for a fast sell, but what about office staging? Once again, there is a mutual agreement when it comes to the positive outcome from staging an office space with modern design that shows the potential and visualises the comfort the space provides. In fact, there are 4 benefits that are said to be the result of virtual staging of office/commercial space. Here are they.

An Excellent First Impression

The same way people can’t visualize their future home if it is empty, they won’t be able to see the functionality of the space in the office. A photo of a well-designed office will give them the chance to love the place and see their business set up in a nice working environment.

Accentuated Architectural Features

The size, openness, and other unique architectural features might be overlooked if the place is promoted empty. If these features are not standing out with the help of the office furniture modern design, it will fall through the cracks of the many offers on the net. A virtually staged office will set the property apart from the others and highlight the features as unique, reason plus for the buyer to check the place out.

A Safe Working Environment

One of the most important conditions that must be fulfilled for the working place to be attractive for buying or renting is that it promotes a safe working environment. You can use virtual office staging to create such an environment and design the furniture pieces into a comfortable and pleasant arrangement.

Visualization of the Options

Last but not least, it is all about the visualization of the different options of what can be done with the commercial/office space. Providing several different possibilities will reach to an audience with a different taste, increasing the chances of buyers/renters showing interest to the place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices vary depending on the size or the space; however, Virtual Staging Plans does it for $70.00 per photo.

The photo should be taken of the empty space of the office from an angle that captures the whole size. The more professional the photos are made, the better and more realistic the finished result will be.

No, apart from the office furniture, Virtual Staging Plans stagers make sure that greenery and additional décor is included in the photo of the office as well.