Living Room

Impressive visualization of the living room. Show the attractive potential of the most popular room for staging.

Stage My Living Room

Are you representing a home or selling your home? Or, perhaps you are renovating and getting it ready to rent?

If YES, make sure that you offer the buyer a chance to visualise the property. And to do so, you need to start with the most important room in the home – the living room.


According to NAR (National Association of Realtors), the living room sparks the most significant interest with the buyers, 86% of them even said that it is the most important room they want to see staged.

Stage the living room to sell the home fast with Virtual Staging Plans services.
The living room is the central point of the home. It is a room used to unwind and relax with family and friends. It is the only room in the house designed to be shared with the world as its functionality exceeds the limits of privacy and intimacy. That is why home sellers want to accentuate the potential of it, and homebuyers are most interested to see what it looks like.

How can I increase my chances of selling my house?

By virtually staging the most important rooms in it. There are thousands of great room ideas on how to stage a living room, and all of them fall into categories according to the chosen style of the interior design. Among the favourite designs is a living room with a fireplace designed in a cottage style that reminds of peaceful nights in the countryside.

Also, another living room staging design that is very often chosen by the clients is the clean and sleek Scandinavian style that promotes serenity, warmth and ultimate comfort in the home.

How to stage a living room to cater to different tastes?

You can order several different styles for staging the living room such as Scandinavian, modern, contemporary, shabby chic, traditional, industrial, romantic, navy, coral, and so on. In this way, more people will notice the listing and show their interest in it.

How much does it cost to stage a room?

Staging a living room as well as any other room in the house costs $35 at Virtual Staging Plan.

Who pays for staging costs?

Usually, realtors take care of the staging costs and then they include the charges in their fee which the home sellers have made a deal to pay. If the owner sells the home, then the owners themselves order and pay for staging photos.

What is a staging room?

Traditionally, a staging room is a room of a home that is selling completely furnished with staging furniture with the intent to showcase the potential of the room. All of the furniture is rented, and it isn’t sold with the house.

Today, with the advanced era of technology taking the central place in our everyday lives, the staging of the room can be done virtually, and an empty room can be digitally transformed into a full room with furniture, designed in any style the seller wants. These photos can be used for promotional purposes online.

The greatest benefit of staging a room virtually is that it costs far less than traditional staging (we are talking thousands-of-dollars less) and that one room can be presented in several different styles. Plus, staged photos are made in a day or two and can be immediately used for promotional purposes.