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3 Major Benefits of Virtual Twilight Real Estate Photography

Publish on Jul 02, 2019 Virtual Twilight HomeBlog3 Major Benefits of Virtual Twilight Real Estate Photography

We have recently talked about what is virtual twilight in the real estate industry and we have pointed out the great importance this photo technique has in increasing the sales of houses. The possibility to have the house photographed at daytime and digitally transformed into a photograph taken at dusk is nowadays very common practice in the real estate world. It is fast, easy and it doesn’t cost much. But let’s take a step back and take a look at the three major benefits of virtual twilight real estate photography in a more detailed way.

Virtual Twilight Real Estate

Shows A Magical Exterior

Virtual Twilight showcases the house in a new, very attractive way by increasing the beauty of the property with filters, enhanced colours and hues that satisfy the human eye. It is a combination of dusky skies, accentuated lights of the house and a neat and tidy exterior with a focus on the most beautiful points in the garden and the exterior look of the house. The whole photo shows a great landscape and all the elements of the property fall in perfect harmony with the power of the dusky lights. The finished product looks like a glamorous and luxurious home from the catalogues.

Gets to a Greater Pool of Buyers

According to research, the same photograph of a property taken at daytime when replaced by a twilight photo got 50% more views and call-ins than before. This is an incredible boost of the number of potential buyers because it was expected that after one week the first photo was published the number of views should have been decreased and contrary to this expectation, not only it wasn’t decreased, but it picked up by 50 %.

The truth is, the potential buyers are more likely to consider the house if the exterior look captures their attention. The virtual twilight real estate photography makes the house look like a dream house and it is very easy to imagine living in such surroundings.

Improves the Portfolio Value of Realtors

Realtors ’catalogues will look far more professional and appealing making them more popular with homebuyers and this would ideally end up in increased sales. Rich catalogues and eye-catching photographs make the potential homebuyers interested in seeing the house which is a step closer to buying it. It is safe to say that not only potential buyers benefit from it but also realtors as it gives their portfolio an upgrade regarding its look and attractiveness.

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