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4 Interior Design Trends for Bedroom Staging in 2021

Publish on Nov 09, 2020 Virtual Staging HomeBlog4 Interior Design Trends for Bedroom Staging in 2021

When you decide to sell your home, you need to know that this entails much more than just paperwork. Sure, the legal technicalities do matter, but another thing you need to focus on is how you present your home. This can make or break the deal.

One room that certainly stands out in the eyes of the next potential owner is the bedroom. It is where they are supposed to find their peace, intimacy, and maximum relaxation. Plus, how you decorate the master bedroom can also be a sign of how well you keep and maintain the rest of your home. It reflects what you really sell, so make sure that you follow the latest and hottest interior design trends for 2021. Here are a few to get you started.

Modern Design

Quite often, modern means simple forms that can be seen in more different objects around the room. Besides that, what makes a bedroom modern is the clean and smooth furniture lines and no excessive décor pieces.

Make space only for the furniture pieces anyone needs, since you do not know the potential buyers’ personal taste. You need to leave enough space so that they can picture themselves living there and creating their own memories and adding their personal touch to the design.

Next, come the walls. Modern style bedrooms usually come with bare walls or ones with a simple graphic pattern. And make sure that the colors you choose for the walls are light, with one dominant and one or two others for emphasis. Be careful; you don’t want to overcrowd the walls with patterns, curves, and huge art pieces.

When selling your home, it is smart to relocate any personal mementos you may have in there. The next owners need to see a clean slate.

Minimalist Design

minimalist design of a bedroom

If the modern means simple and smooth, the minimalist style goes even further than that. The amount of furniture pieces is brought down to the bare minimum. This doesn’t mean that the room should be left empty, but with the essential pieces that provide both functionality and comfort.

The pieces for completing this minimalist interior are almost all in the same color, and the monotony is broken by adding texture, a pop of contrast color, or unusual details. For instance, if the bed and cupboard are white, you can add a throw on the bed in darker yellow or green shades. In order to add a match for this pop of color, you can include an armchair in the same shade.

Doing this can be a bold move, so many homeowners avoid it. They fear that potential buyers may find these accents to be too much. If you have doubts, you can dilute the simplicity by adding eye-catching bedside tables or greenery. Either way, make sure that the room doesn’t look boring.

Hi-Tech Design

The technology-focused bedroom design is not for everyone. You should consider showing a bedroom in this style only if you are confident that the potential buyers are into it. It doesn’t quite reflect relaxation and comfort.

Instead, it showcases brighter colors, shiny gadgets, and metalized décor pieces. Younger generations may appreciate it more since it is dynamic and contemporary. Again, inform yourself about the buyer – their age and preferences. It is a risky move, but it can be worth your while.

A bedroom in hi-tech style means a room filled with technology pieces (the latest if possible), shiny details, and usually the presence of white, grey, and black color shades. Even the bedspread is often black or grey.

Classic Design

If the hi-tech interior trend impresses mostly youngsters, the classic design is more suitable for mature people who appreciate comfort, coziness, and a peaceful atmosphere. This trend will undoubtedly show buyers that the place you sell is a place to live in for the long run—a classic.

High headboards and rich design are the main principles. And as for materials – wood, leather, and upholstered fabrics are a must-have. And the details? You can never go wrong with plants, nature frames, and drapes for the windows in a color that matches the rest of the room. Potential buyers that appreciate this style will dive in the ambiance and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

How to Sell During a Pandemic

This is surprisingly simple—virtual staging. Yes, trends matter; keeping up with what’s new and hot matters, but what matters most is to have people to show it to. Safely, of course. The pandemic we are all facing today is still going strong, and the need for quick sales is even greater.

This is when bedroom staging comes into the picture and saves the day. It makes everything easier. You won’t need to get rid of your personal things, and you can trust the experts that they will follow any trend you see fit for the potential buyers.

Simply put, once you decide which trend is the best fit – the experts will fill an image of empty interior space with furniture, accent details, décor, and appliances. And remember, all this comes with time and cost savings too.

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