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5 Questions Answered about Virtual Twilight

Publish on Apr 24, 2019 Virtual Twilight HomeBlog5 Questions Answered about Virtual Twilight

Showing the exterior of a house in all its glory with enhanced lighting and magnificent curb appeal is certainly one of the deciding factors in buying/selling a house. Realtors very often use a twilight shot of the exterior of the house as it does wonders for the sales. But taking that perfect hero shot at just the right moment might prove ineffective because the time frame is only 20 minutes before the sun sets completely.

Because of this, realtors make use of virtual twilight, a service provided by virtual staging designers to create the most beautiful photos that will focus on the exterior of the house. Hence, virtual twilight is a very popular tool in the marketing campaigns about a house that is listed. However, those not very familiar with the art of photography and digital editing may have some uncertainties about it. Here are the most common questions along with their answers.

What Is Virtual Twilight?

The most general question is “What is Virtual Twilight?” It is a technique that with the help of specific software and the professional skills of the designer transfers the daylight photo into a twilight photo. It can make the house stand out among others taken in broad daylight. It can help the potential buyers take a second look to see and identify the house as their future home. If the exterior is the first thing that will grab their attention, they will certainly be more excited and curious to see what’s behind the doors.

Do Twilight Photos Help Homes with the Curb Appeal?

Of course, they do. When a photo is edited with the virtual twilight technique, what is already there is much more enhanced with the filters, lighting altered weather conditions and the curb appeal becomes an inseparable part of the house. It can be shown from different angles putting the focus on the most interesting feature.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Virtual Twilight is usually paid per photo. And if consider making the order, you probably will want the rooms to be virtually stages as well. So, the price for the virtual twilight would be the additional price of the virtual staging service. It can be from 20$ and up.

What Is the End Result?

The end result is purely magical. The exterior of the home will be showcased with sunset colours and soft blue ambient lighting. The softly-lit, warm and intimate visualisation will make the home look much more welcoming. Also, the panoramic view of the estate will add to the extraordinary look as well. So, if you want to show a captivating backyard with walkways, exotic foliage, infinity pools and breathtaking views, a twilight photo is a must.

How Long Does It Take to Be Ready?

In just a day or two, your photos will be ready. Your job is to send them taken in daylight, with a professional camera rather than with the camera of your smartphone and expect incredible twilight photos.

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