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Finding an Apartment for Rent Has Never Been Easier

Publish on Apr 09, 2019 Virtual Staging HomeBlogFinding an Apartment for Rent Has Never Been Easier

When it comes to apartment renting, there are several things you need to take into consideration: the environment, the apartment itself and the price. Basically, people consider those three to be the major ones and overlook the fact that HOW you find that apartment is not at all easy. Today, most people use the Internet to find out information about anything – from simple shopping sprees to buying items that cost a fortune. The same goes for renting an apartment.

Studio Apartments by Abodo has used technology to bring the tenants closer to their perfect apartments and since its humble beginning in 2012, they have provided one of the most effective ways to find an apartment online.

How they have facilitated the process?

They mark the real properties with a verified badge on their app guarantying that it is a real property that has been checked out by a real human. This ensures the potential tenants that what they are seeing as an offer really exists and it is not a phantom apartment. This makes things easier for people searching for an apartment to rent because they won’t be disappointed to find out that the landlord of the perfect home showcased on the internet will only take their initial fee and then disappear leaving the tenant with a non-existing apartment.

According to some recent research, the young renters (18-29-year-olds) are 42% more likely to have lost money from fraudulent listings because of their lack in renting experience. Hence, it very important for people to use a platform which will guarantee secure and safe hunting for apartments for rent.

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Another thing that improves the experience is offering ratings and reviews upon which the potential tenant can make a decision on whether the apartment is worth their time to go and check it out or not. In this way, tenants can better understand the whole environment and avoid unpleasant surprises if they decide to move in.

Moreover, Studio Apartments by Abodo offers visual insight into some of these apartments by having a virtually staged photo of the vacant apartments put on for rent. In fact, virtual staging is a service very often used by the sellers and landlords renting apartments because it showcases the full potential of the place. It even offers visual advice on how tenants could furnish the place.

To further improve the whole searching experience of the tenant, they also offer 3D tours of the place, again with the help of virtual staging and other software that can help the tenants find their new home from the comfort of the one they are searching from.

In addition, if you like what you see you can schedule tours quickly by suggesting a date and time sent to them which will be further arranger with the property manager. Also, with their app people can search anywhere, create shortlists, find roommates and enjoy many other benefits.

The bottom line is that people can easily find an apartment today with the advanced technology at disposal and use platforms like Abode that makes sure they rent the perfect suitable apartment.

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