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How Did the Real Estate Industry Change with the Implementation of Technology

Publish on Apr 05, 2019 Virtual Staging HomeBlogHow Did the Real Estate Industry Change with the Implementation of Technology

People have been buying and selling their houses since ever. However, how the whole process of selling a house is done nowadays is completely different from the methods and techniques in the past when staging a house to sell was the primary method to close the deal. And this is all because of the fast advancement and development of the technology and the World Wide Web. A lot more information is now available and just a click away than before. And people know how to use all these benefits and sell or buy their house. Here is all the important layout of changes and revolutionary new ideas turned into a reality that happened for the real estate industry.

Virtual VS. Real World

Today, the first thing people do when they want to buy a house is to go on the web to check out the suitable listings. In fact, 90% of people start their home seeking journey online. Because of that, the real estate agents need to convince the potential buyers that the houses which are listed in their agency are worth their time, effort and money to come and see it in person. Actually, when the potential buyer sees something they like on the net, they have already made half the decision to buy the house, the other half needs to be accomplished of what they have seen is in reality justified.

For that reason, virtual staging emerges as one of the top techniques that real estate agents use to showcase the potential of the house to the buyer. Virtual staging is a service provided by a virtual staging designer who is virtually staging a house to sell with the help of specific software for digitally enhancing photos. The technology has granted this opportunity which makes it possible for the potential buyer to envision their future home and see that vision in the form of a photograph. This means that the house can be completely vacant and still be presented in the best way possible fully furnished, warm and welcoming.

In reality, the rooms of the house aren’t furnished like presented in the photo but the potential buyer is completely aware of that. They know that what they are looking at is just a vision that can help them make a decision easier whether to buy or not buy the house.

Virtual Tours

A step further that the technology offers is the virtual tours that are now completely easy to fast to do 24/7. You just need to go online and enter the house starting your virtual tour, specially designed so you can turn back, go I circles and see every angle of the room. In the past this was simply impossible: if you wanted to go on a tour in the house, you would have to wait to book a viewing in person and get there at a particular predetermined time when it is an open house and take a look. But not today! All you need is an internet connection and a computer or a smartphone and you can virtually browse any house you are interested in buying.

Social Media Networks and Promotions

Social Media networks are a great platform for promotion as every single one of us certainly has a profile. Real estate agencies can choose their target audience and communicate across the message of selling a house to people who would most likely be looking for a new house (newlyweds, people who moved town for work etc. and have changed their status on the social network).

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