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How Does Virtual Twilight Enhance the Visual Appearance of the House You’re Selling?

Publish on Mar 30, 2019 Virtual Twilight HomeBlogHow Does Virtual Twilight Enhance the Visual Appearance of the House You’re Selling?

Digitally enhanced photos are part of every advertising campaign of any industry that exists. The fact that technology has developed so much in recent years opens new possibilities to perceive the things around us in a new, well-enhanced fashion. In this way, virtual house staging has come to be a very powerful technique in real estate because not only helps the realtor or the seller of the house to better showcase the house but also for the potential buyer because they can see all the potential the house has and envision their future. The effect virtual staging has for the interior of the houses, virtual twilight has it even at a greater extent for the exterior of the house. Here is how this effect is achieved.

The high visual impact the photography has in the real estate industry is, without a doubt, one of the key factors that convince the potential buyers to make a decision to buy the house. Therefore, making that perfect, hero shot is very important for closing the deal. However, in order for the shot of the exterior to be perfect a lot of things must be in place. First of all, taking a photo at the right moment is the first thing to do and that would be the moment the sun is starting to set. Secondly, the weather conditions must be ideal so that the shot is visually appealing. Clouds, rain and fog won’t help the case. Thirdly, you have to be fast because the time window is about 20-30 minutes. And all of that wouldn’t be possible if you don’t have a quality professional camera. This leaves you with very few chances to make the perfect shot.

This is where the virtual twilight service comes to the rescue. Fortunately, the virtual twilight designer can do their magic on their computers, using special software and transform the otherwise normal looking photo of your house into a luxurious, welcoming and high-end visual appearance of the house on the same photo. The effect is tremendous and that is why the most luxurious homes are advertised with a twilight photo.

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So, what the virtual twilight designers do is convert any daytime real estate photo to twilight one. They add special effects to the photo taken at any time during the day. They use filters together with the perfect combination of colour, brightness, contrast and texture. They start with adjusting the brightest and highlighting features and lightning shadows; they change the colour of the sky with warm colour temperature; they make all the lights in the garden and on the house turned on; they do vertical and horizontal straightening. Moreover, they remove clutter but do not change the background because that would be breaking the code of ethics and presenting something that is not that way in reality. Also, they add fire to fireplaces, stars and moons and change the weather conditions by adding rain, snow, clouds and fog.

Finally, why would you turn to a virtual twilight designer? There are several reasons why. Firstly, the twilight photos look mesmerizing and motivate potential buyers to make a positive decision. Secondly, the way it looks from the outside might make the potential buyers curious to see how the house looks from the inside. Thirdly, showcasing a perfect representation of the house will speak volumes about the professionalism in attempting to showcase all the potential of the house, a factor that always sits on the good side with buyers.

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