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How to Get Your Home Staged Online for Little Money

Publish on May 17, 2019 Virtual Staging HomeBlogHow to Get Your Home Staged Online for Little Money

Whether you are selling your home or just renovating it, you need to plan how you are going to design it. If you are selling your home, you need to showcase it on the net as people start looking for their future home on the web. Or, if you are renovating you need a specific plan or design how to place the furniture and the other decorative elements.

It is obvious that you can’t do it yourself, but you can surely explain your vision and how you imagine it to be. However, you are going to need a professional who will make the design fast and appropriately for your home. And the best of all is that you can have the design without even having to leave your home.

Today, virtual staging or home staging online is a very popular option. You can hire a virtual staging designer or agency that will work out the plan for you based on the photos you will send them. You need to provide photos of the empty space in your home and express some ideas (if you have any) regarding the style of the design. The rest is up to them. In a day or two, you will receive digitally designed photos of the home that you can use to put on the net and advertise your home or use them as plans for renovation.

The price for this service varies depending on the deal with the agency/designer. Usually, you need to pay for the service per photo, so it is your decision how many photos you will order. And it is not expensive at all. Starting from $35 and going up per photo, you can have every room of your house completely staged according to your preferences.

Online Home Staging

So let’s go over the steps how to get your home staged online:

  • You contact a virtual agency like ours
  • Make an order
  • Upload the photos of the vacant space
  • Tell your preferences
  • Wait for the designer to virtually stage the rooms
  • Review the virtually staged photo
  • Discuss the design with the designer (you may ask for a change or approve it)
  • Receive your virtually staged photos

It is simple and easy and it is extra useful. You will leave the stress behind, and you will save time and energy to focus on the next steps of your future plans: how to advertise your home if you are selling it or research furniture shops if you are renovating it.

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