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Is It Time to Think about Home Renovation?

Publish on Sep 03, 2020 Virtual Renovation HomeBlogIs It Time to Think about Home Renovation?

The year 2020 made you take a few steps back, get cozy in the safety of your home, and say “good riddance” to the upcoming big plans you had in mind. However, being home most of the time made you realize that you want to change something about your home.

If that is the thought that crossed your mind during quarantine, rest assured, you are not alone. In fact, thousands of people are feeling the same way. People want to renovate their living rooms, repaint the walls with fresh paint, make the garden an excellent place for spending time outside and take care of the issues that needed to be fixed a long time ago.

So, yes! It is time to renovate your home. Not only will you get a new home, but also you will keep yourself busy and focus on a project that recharges your energy.

For that purpose, here are several tips on how to start and finish your home renovation.

Make a Plan

Start by making a plan – what exactly you want to change. List all the necessary fixes in one column and all the significant changes in the other. Determine which ones you can’t do yourself and write the name of the person/company that will do them for you.  Plus, you need to write the average cost of those fixes so you can align them with the budget later.

Set a Budget

Now that you know what stays, what goes, and what needs to be fixed – you need to set the budget. Carefully plan this part as everything depends on the budget. Ensure you always prepare slightly higher than the average cost as unexpected expenses always turn up when you least expect. When you know your budget categorized according to the changes you want, it is time to review the plan again and make some calls to ensure that the budget and the average sum of costs are similar.

Order Virtual Renovation

The next step is to consult a virtual stager and ask for a virtual renovation of the wanted space. By doing this, you will be able to see how the finished look will turn out and decide whether you are happy with it. Virtual renovation is a service that includes all the fixes and changes you plan to do only in a virtual way – the setting on your photo will be changed according to your wishes: new wall paint, elements that shouldn’t be there, furniture arrangement, decorations according to styles and so on.

Hire a Contractor

What follows is hiring a contractor to help you out with the whole process from start to finish. They will plan all the remodeling process steps and give you estimates for material, labor, machinery, and any other expenses. They will also prepare a timetable in which the project will be finished and follow the laws and regulations to complete the project.

Look For Sales and Special Deals in Stores

It is always recommended to check the local stores for special deals before buying anything planned. You might come across the thing you need on a sale that will save you a significant sum of money from the budget. And, today, with online opportunities, you can find everything you need and compare prices and shipping costs easily. Check the loyalty programs as well, as they too can save you a lot of money.

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DIY as Much as Possible

Be as involved as you want to be and do things your way – because, in the end, it is you that is going to live in the house. So, if you don’t like how a particular phase is going, react, and offer your insights and help. Or, you can finish the jobs you think you can handle alone way before you start working with a contractor.

In a Nutshell

It is always a good time to start renovating. Not only it refreshes the look and comfort of the home, but it also does wonders for the mental health of the owners. All you need to do is make a detailed plan, set your budget, and start the process by yourself or with a contractor’s help.

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