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The Best of the Best: Top Interior Decorative Trends in 2019

Publish on Sep 25, 2019 Virtual Staging HomeBlogThe Best of the Best: Top Interior Decorative Trends in 2019

As we are slowly moving towards the end of 2019, here is an overview of what was and is still very hot in terms of interior design and decorative elements. 2018 was the year of rose gold décor, exposed lighting, and subway tiles, but 2019 offers something fresh and different. Let’s take a look.

Natural Elements

Natural ElementsProbably aligning with the hot topics of protecting the planet from global warming and extreme climate changes, the necessity to be surrounded with natural elements grew bigger this year. Instead of the industrial and tech-obsessed décor trends from last year, 2019 is all about natural elements including stone, copper, concrete, and granite. People went for this option because it reminds them of a peaceful ambience despite all the threats the planet is facing and because they literally bring a bit of nature in the home.

Diverse Colour Palettes

Diverse Colour PalettesThis year bolder colours are the picks of interior designers who made the choices according to their clients’ wishes. Richer undertones and hues from a diverse palette of colours made the decorative elements in the home stand out and attract bigger attention. The statement pinks, bold yellows, dramatic reds, and lush greens were the top choices that transformed the colour-muted home into a more vibrant place for living.

Velvet Surfaces of Furnishings

Velvet Surfaces of FurnishingsA fabrication that oozes with comfort and luxury is considered to be the velvet. It was the top pick of designers in 2019 because of its multidimensional fabric. In the past, it was not as accepted, but as trends tend to do a full cycle, this year it reached the top of its popularity.

Floral Patterns Everywhere

floral patternsWallpapers with floral design became a great hit. In fact, this trend seems to survive every single year, but this time they’ve come around like a completely modernised and refreshed. They have been used in exaggerated proportions which gives a new perspective in the room.

Black and White

black and whiteBlack and White is truly a magnificent, timeless style that is the basic principle of some of the most popular designs such as Scandinavian, Monochromatic, Modern, and Futuristic. The reason why people choose it is that it gives a sense of boldness and balance at the same time. Plus it feels decluttered and ultra-modern.

Geometric Patterns

geometric patternsThese patterns, the same as the floral ones, have been on the list of most popular décor many years now. However, in 2019, adding geometric patterns in the home took a new, more dramatic turn. They became huge and the centre of attention. The colours are also bolder, and in combination with geometric throws, the room instantly became chicer.

Vintage Lighting Fixtures

Vintage Lighting FixturesThe pendants and scones in a vintage fashion came on top as the first choice of many interior designers this year. Both with copper and brass touches, the vintage lights became present in every home where the style was comprised of from the past.

Chic like the ’70s

Chic like the ’70sAnother exciting design that made its reappearance in 2019 is the 70’s chic in warm palettes, abstract silhouettes, and funky textures. It gave the rooms personality, liveliness, and it made the ambience fun. It gave the living rooms and the bedrooms a special nudge of chicness.

The Bottom Line

Trends come and go, but comfort is eternal. Therefore, people are ready to incorporate fashion in their home, but in the end, it is all about comfort and how they imagine their home to look. They make their decisions what to add in the home based on their preferences, and sometimes they exceed the existing styles and interior designs. And if a person wants to check out how some decorative elements can fit in their room or change the room altogether in a new style, there is a professional home staging digital service that can show the place exactly as they imagine it. And if they like what they see, they can proceed to make the changes.

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