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Virtual Twilight- Magic of Colours That Enhance the Exterior Appearance of Your House

Publish on Apr 14, 2019 Virtual Twilight HomeBlogVirtual Twilight- Magic of Colours That Enhance the Exterior Appearance of Your House

The world is full of an infinite number of colours. The human eyes can see about 7 million different ones. All the colours, their shades, toned and undertones cause a feeling in us – it can be warm, it can be cold, it can make us happy or angry, we will fall in love with it or hate it and can’t stand it. Yes, the power of colours is really immense. Hence, the need to use their almighty properties in real estate.

Presenting the house that is selling with the explosion of colours is certainly something that appeals to the potential customers right away. It builds an instant connection as it creates a home-like feeling that makes you keep looking at the photographs and envision how would be like to live in such a place.

The technique that makes it all so real is called virtual twilight. A photo is shot at daytime and then the designer uses specific software to transform the daytime photo into a twilight photo. The photo is from the exterior of the house and it should showcase the landscape of the property as well as all the other features that complement the whole look of the house including property lighting, pool lighting fireplaces and so on. The effect immediately grabs the attention and raises the interest in the house.

The first and major benefit of using a virtual twilight to showcase your property is to make it stand out from the rest. It gives it a magical appearance, easy on the eyes and a luxurious feeling that once seen and felt will last for a long time.

And in order to achieve this, here is how the designers do their magic.

They use suitable filters that enhance the right combination of colours, brightness, texture and contrast. They highlight the features with brightness and contrast and create shadows to create a deep layer. Then, they change the weather, replacing the outdoor normal looking sky with a sky full with warm colour temperatures. What is more, they make all the lights on the property lit so that the effect is even more enhanced.

Furthermore, they do some vertical and horizontal strengthening, remove minor clutters and focus on the angle of the property that can capture the whole beauty of the house. They can even add fire to the fireplace, moon and stars in the sky. They can play with the weather conditions, by making it rain, snow or creating clouds or fog.

All of this has one purpose to motivate potential buyers to come and see the house in person. Also, it helps them envision it as a future home and makes them excited and curious.

Just think of the holiday resorts and hotels that you check out on the net when you want to book one for your next holiday. All the photos of the exterior are usually done with the virtual twilight technique. You probably are enchanted by the looks and perceive the place as magical and heavenly. Well, it will have the same effect as the house you are selling too.  

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