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Why Virtual Staging Is Still the Top Choice of Realtors?

Publish on Jun 24, 2019 Virtual Staging HomeBlogWhy Virtual Staging Is Still the Top Choice of Realtors?

It’s 2019 and it seems that technology and the internet have taken the primary spot in our lives when it comes to organising our activities, doing business and spending the free time. Regardless of what our upcoming activity is, we do the background check on the net and use its resources to the fullest before making any decisions. In that fashion, virtual staging continues to hold its spot as the most useful tool for realtors when selling a house. Why is that so?

First of all, about 92% of people check the listings on the net when they are searching to buy a new house. This means that they need to be impressed by what they will see on the net and based on the first impression they will further explore the option. Therefore, virtual staging offers an opportunity for the potential buyer to see how their future home would look like. It shows the potential of the house, the design of the rooms and the style of the whole estate. It even offers a chance to see the exterior in the colours of the twilight –  how under perfect weather conditions at dusk the future home would look like.

And to prove that all of this is not simply marketing to sell a product or a service, the recent statistics support the success of virtual staging. Here are some amazing numbers and percent of people who were part of different research that support the fact that virtual staging is a favourite tool of realtors.

Virtual Staging Plans

  • Buyers would offer more money for a house that they had seen it as staged rather than on an empty, vacant place.
  • 81% of potential buyers say that virtual staging helps them visualise the property as their future home.
  • The possibility the see the place in different designs positively impacts on 45% when they find it designed according to their taste.
  • When a house is virtually staged, it spends an average of 73% less time on the market.
  • 40% of Realtors say that potential buyers show more interested when a home was staged.
  • Much faster promotion and advertisement of the houses is done with virtually staging because the listings get to the target audience more efficiently.
  • The services staging, redecorating, decluttering, painting and twilight have increased the actual price of the listing by 6%.

Virtual staging is not deceiving the potential buyers. It offers a way of seeing the potential to change, renovate and design according to the new owner’s preferences. On top of all, it is a rather inexpensive and time-saving solution for all the realtors and individuals that are selling houses.

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