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4 Reasons Why Virtual Twilight Sells Houses Faster?

Publish on Sep 20, 2019 Virtual Twilight HomeBlog4 Reasons Why Virtual Twilight Sells Houses Faster?

When it comes to selling a listing fast, realtors and individuals have turned to virtual staging designers to produce a digital representation of the full potential of the house. Why? Because it makes homes sell like hotcakes. Below you have reasons how this is possible, and before the reasons, there is a closer look into virtual twilight as a technique.

What Is Virtual Twilight?

Virtual twilight is a technique that virtual staging designers use to digitally enhance the exterior look of the house that is selling. With the use of specific software, they filter the photos, find the perfect combination of color, contrast and texture and all under the incredible colors of the twilight part of the day. The color of the sky is altered to appear much warmer, all the lights from the lighting solutions are on, and the shadows of the contour lines are made visible, giving a stronger effect. Now, here is why virtual twilight makes faster sales.

1. The Feel of Luxury

The twilight effect gives off a breathtaking feel that only luxurious mansions are perceived with. The house looks much more attractive, and it seems like someone has ripped off a page from an architectural magazine. The colors, contrasts, and shadows modify the perception of the house to a great extent, and you can easily imagine sitting on the porch and drinking a cup of tea in the late afternoons.

2. It Is Cost-Effective

Virtual twilight is a technique that can easily be achieved if the virtual designer knows how to work the software. And since there are already done filters that automatically do the whole image, the price of virtual twilight is not high. Of course, it all depends on what kind of a package with services is part of the deal. Usually, this technique goes hand in hand with virtual staging, and the price is only an added value to the total cost of both of the services.

3. It Is Energy-Saving

It is energy-saving because you don’t waste your time and money by hiring professional photographs which will capture the real twilight of the day and charge you a lot for that service. No, you only need to provide the designer an HD photo of the exterior of the house and see what kind of magic they will do to it. In just a few days, the picture will be ready, and you will be able to upload it online on all platforms that you can promote the sale of your house.

4. It Shows the Potential

Not only virtual twilight looks fantastic, but also it can be used to show the potential of the exterior look. For example, if there are no lights in the garden, by showing what kind of effect there would be if there were lights, it would be much easier to imagine the transformation of the house. Also, by decluttering the exterior, it will show the potential buyers how good the place would like if the curb appeal is changed in the way shown in the picture. One thing to note, though, there must be a disclaimer that the exterior look is somehow altered because you mustn’t trick the potential buyers into thinking that this is exactly what they are buying from you.

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