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5 Exquisite Living Room Staging Ideas That Will Sell Your House Fast

Publish on May 12, 2020 Virtual Staging HomeBlog5 Exquisite Living Room Staging Ideas That Will Sell Your House Fast

Nowadays, more than ever before, virtual staging is taking the central place in the real estate business when it comes to house showings. People are limiting their socialising and meeting new people due to the novel pandemic that has shaken the world this year, and because of this, real estate agents find it harder to work real-life tours in houses. They rely on the virtual staging companies and their services to show the house to potential buyers. 

It is safe to say that virtual staging has a significant effect on decision-making right now, and this is the right time to use its influence. 

As we have previously talked about, the living room is the most popular room for staging. It sparks the most interest in potential buyers, and rightfully, with proper staging, it can be the room that helps seal the deal. For that reason, today’s article will be about how to stage the living room so that it gets all its attractiveness and exposes its full potential. And the best part of it is that the living room staging ideas can be done with virtual staging, so there is no need to shop for new staging items. 

Let All the Light in

One of the best things about a room is how illuminated it is. So, let this be your first step in staging the living room. Make sure that there is a lot of light, preferably natural light so that every element inside is reflecting warmth and coziness. This can easily be achieved with brightness adjustment in the virtually staged photo. Also, having some accent lighting fixtures can help the cause as well. 

Clean and Tidy Coffee Table

The coffee table is usually the centrepiece together with the seating choice in the living room. It must always be clean and tidy; meaning no keys, toys, pens or anything else that clutters it should be on. To show it beautifully, you can put a small vase with a flower or two in the middle of it, or some aromatic candles that will create a romantic ambiance. Another idea is to put a tray with a teapot or ceramic cups for coffee. Basically, what you put on it will define its use. So, think about what you use the coffee table for and stage it, so it reflects the activity. 

Place Mirrors

This staging idea might seem a bit strange, because why would you place a mirror in the living room when mirrors are for getting ready, and you don’t get ready in the living room, right? Well, you would be so wrong to think like this. First of all, big size mirrors reflect the light in all directions, making the room brighter and more spacious. If you are not a fan of a big sized mirror, you can use mirror-like rectangles that form a bigger shape, symmetrical or asymmetrical and they will achieve the same effect. Secondly, the mirrors hide imperfections in the room because when they are strategically positioned, they will reflect the strengths of the room.

Add Luscious Greenery

If you want your living room to feel cheerful, charismatic and full of life, don’t hesitate about bringing nature inside. Add plants of different sizes so that you can create depth and make the room look bigger. Plus, the air will always be fresh, and you will always feel part of nature. If you are not a fan of big plants, go for the beautiful succulents that come in different species, sizes and types and add bursts of colour as well.  

Go with White Curtains

Neutral is the best. Not everyone loves bold colour moves in the living room, especially with the window treatments. Choose white curtains that are soft, sheer and not blocking the sun. The living room will immediately raise its appeal, look cosy and relaxing. 

The Bottom Line

Use these living room staging ideas to make your living room appealing for every potential buyer. Don’t get too personal with staging it, because the taste is always a matter of question – what it seems great to you might be totally unattractive for others. Go with safe choices and do several different staging examples of the room if you want to present it in different ways, but make sure it always has the comfort factor. 

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