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Which Rooms Should You Virtually Stage to Leave the Biggest Impression?

Publish on Apr 08, 2019 Virtual Staging HomeBlogWhich Rooms Should You Virtually Stage to Leave the Biggest Impression?

Once you decide to sell your house you need to think of the ways how to do it: will you make a deal with a real estate agency, or will you try to sell it yourself. If you are not ready to give away about 6% of the sale price to real estate agencies (which is the average amount of money the real estate agencies take for their services) then you should probably give it a go on your own.

In order to sell it fast, you need to promote the house successfully and showcase its full potential. One of the ways to do that is by virtually staging it. Virtual staging is a service provided by virtual staging designers who transform the vacant place into a fully furnished room with furniture and decorative details. Usually, the service is paid per photo. It is not too expensive and is much cheaper than an actual staging of a room (which can be about 90% more expensive than virtual furniture staging).

However, when opting for this service you must consider which rooms the focus will be put as not all rooms are equally attractive and important for the potential buyers. According to recent research by the National Associations of Realtors, the room that most impresses the potential buyers is the living room, and this room should be presented in the best way possible. Take a look at the results of the research and the three most important rooms to stage.

Importance of rooms staged for buyers

Living Room

About 47% of buyers say that the most important room to see staged for them is the living room. This is good news as it certainly aligns with the staging trends of sellers, as the majority of them choose to stage the living room first. Why the living room, you might ask. Well, it is the room the family spends most of the time alone or with guests and visitors. It is the room that is shared with the outer world and it gives an insight into people’s lives and lifestyle. That is why the living room must leave the biggest impression.

To present it in an ideal way, the virtual staging designer will de-clutter and remove any personalised items if the room isn’t vacant, change the tones of colours in the room to more neutral undertones like cream, beige or grey so that the room can look a lot more welcoming and warm. They will also define the space with furniture and other decorative details so that the potential buyer can envision living there and finally add some ambient lighting and accent pieces that will add to the whole attractiveness of the room.

Master Bedroom

About 42% of people who participated in the above-mentioned research say that the master bedroom is very important to be staged and that puts this room in the second place on our list. The master bedroom attracts that kind of attention because it is a very intimate place a husband and wife share and it is a place where they can enjoy in long talks with their partner, working on the relationship and can enjoy a full night sleep.

To virtually stage the master bedroom, the designer usually goes for a particular design of virtual furniture staging that complements the rest of the house. The furniture pieces should be elegant, simple and sleek so that they can entice buyers and in order to capture the while homey spirit, decorative elements like throw pillows and throw blankets should be added as well as pops of colour and greenery to add a fresh look.

The Kitchen

Next on the list is the kitchen. The kitchen is, of course, related to food and a place where many happy memories can be created. Because of that, the vacant space in the kitchen can be transformed into a spotless kitchen with appliances that can leave you breathless and add some attractive details like an opened cookbook or a tea kettle on the stove which will give the kitchen a much home-like look.

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