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Virtual Staging: an Ace up the Realtor’s Sleeve

Publish on Jan 30, 2019 Virtual Staging HomeBlogVirtual Staging: an Ace up the Realtor’s Sleeve

As a realtor, you must be a problem solver, an entrepreneur, attentive to details, honest, helpful, enthusiastic and with a great amount of strong business acumen. Little did you know that you have to be a magician as well. Well, not to deceit people, but leave them impressed by the tricks you can pull off. Selling an empty apartment or house to people seems like a hard job to do, especially because you need to help them see their future in the place they want to call home. For them, it is not just a closed deal but an investment for a lifetime. So, what kind of a trick do you need to convince them that the place you are selling is their ideal home? The answer: virtual staging. Here’s why.

What Is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is, in a way, an advanced phase from the traditional staging but without the time, energy, money and unnecessary costs spent on actual decoration with furniture pieces. It is a technique which can showcase the potential in your future home by creating a complete look and feel of the place with a single photograph. In this way, buyers can imagine how their future home will look like. All pieces of the furniture and other decorative items are included on the digital photo giving the buyers a realistic gist of the whole concept.

Virtual Staging

Benefits of Virtual Staging

Increased Closed Deals

People who seek to buy a home will be thrilled to see several options of how their future sacred heaven would look like. If you as a realtor present them photos of the rooms fully furnished from bookshelves, frames, furniture pieces to emphasizing décor elements they would not only see how it can look like but also feel the warmth of their potential new home. They could certainly think “I see myself living in this house, enjoying a cup of coffee in the armchair, or taking a nap on this comfortable-looking sofa.”  By filling the vacant place digitally, the virtual staging can really be the thing needed to close the deal.

Clear Visualisation of Their New Home

It is proven that it is much easier to convince a buyer to buy a place when they can visualise their home with all the elements inside. And since the majority of home sales start online (about 80%, to be more exact), you must excite the people with pictures that will help them visualise everything about their future home. Giving such a preview to them, it will be a lot easier to close the deal.

Time and Effort Saving

In order to avoid all the energy-consuming traditional staging of a house that is selling, virtual staging is the perfect solution. All you need to do is take photographs of the vacant rooms and sent them to a virtual staging professional. After a certain amount of time (about which you are going to make a deal with the professional) you will get your photographs with the whole home staged.

Establish a Direct Connection to the Target Audience

One of the greatest things about virtual staging is that you can have the place decorated according to certain trends or styles of the target buyer. For example, if your potential client is interested in a Scandinavian style of furnishing, then you can ask from the virtual staging professional to customise it in this way. Therefore, the listing will be far more attractive to the buyer.

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