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Staging a House: Traditional VS Virtual – What’s Better?

Publish on Feb 19, 2019 Virtual Staging HomeBlogStaging a House: Traditional VS Virtual – What’s Better?

Selling a house is not a piece of cake. Lots of factors decide whether you will sell your home or the listing you are representing fast or not. The price, the neighbourhood, the condition and the age of the home, they can all make it attractive or appalling. What you can do to raise the interest is to showcase it in the best possible way so that the potential customers can envision living there. In order to do so, you have two options: traditional and virtual staging a house. To pick the better one, take a look at the facts.

Traditional Staging a House

The Traditional Home Staging

This technique is as old as the real estate industry dates back in history. The staging of a home is actually done by an interior designer who designs the house before selling. The focus is set on the design elements and layout so that the house looks inviting, warm and a potential home to the buyer. Basically, the house is all set with furniture which, of course, is not being sold, and the furnishings are done in a clever way so that any minor flaws are overseen.

However, this doesn’t mean that all of the houses must be staged. The decision depends on the needs and the condition of the house. Thus, some well-appointed houses might need only a touch of decorative details or a little bit of rearranging of items, whereas other houses might need in-depth changes including repainting or repairing flaws that can distract the buyer to see the whole potential of the house.

The fact is, traditional staging is expensive. All of the furniture must be rented and regularly changed, a process which involves a lot of money, time and energy. Also, by presenting the house just with this one look you limit the imagination of the buyer to envision their future home in a design and style they wish to live in.

Virtual Staging

Virtual House Staging

On the other hand, you have the opportunity to virtually stage a house especially when the property is vacant. This technique includes adding furniture and design elements to each room virtually. In this way, potential home buyers can visualise their home with all the elements inside.

Taking into consideration that most of the potential buyers begin their buying journey online, virtual staging is the option to go for. They can visit the property with a virtual tour and decide if they like it. If they do, they will set up a viewing on which they will come half convinced to buy the house.

Also, you can provide the buyer with several different options of design so that they can choose the one they like best and even use the design examples. Furthermore, it will cost much less than traditional house staging. Usually, the virtual staging service is offering one digital photo of the room so you might need to invest in several photos in order to grasp all the beauty of the space.

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