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The Three Most Popular Designs for Staging a House

Publish on Feb 26, 2020 HomeBlogThe Three Most Popular Designs for Staging a House

To sell a house fast you must attract as many potential buyers as you can. To do so you need to show the whole potential of the house by staging it and presenting it in all its glory. Since traditional staging will cost you thousands of dollars and lock you in a contract, turning to virtual staging seems to be the popular way to go.

Even more, with virtual staging, you can create as many looks of the rooms as you like and in this way appeal to a greater audience with a different taste. Here are the top 3 popular design for staging a house.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design

The minimalistic white miracle from the Scandinavian region never ceases to inspire people and envision their future living comfortably in a home. This simplistic yet elegant approach makes the rooms spacious, yet full with functional pieces of furniture with sleek lines and a polished look. The white colour is the principal one, and shades of grey and black are also popular undertones that work well with this style. Occasional bursts of colour are possible, but they must be in line with the wholeness of the room. There is not much décor, only central pieces that steal the focus. Such an example is a monochromatic abstract painting or a quote framed in a beautiful simple frame.

You can also put lots of plans in the corners, near the windows, and everywhere where you think you can because greenery is another principle that stands firm with the hygge of the Scandinavian design. And, finally, don’t forget to get rid of the window treatments, and let as much natural light as possible because Scandi-style is all bout au-natural.

Traditional Interior Design

Traditional Interior Design

A cherished style by so many people is the traditional interior design, which consists of classic details, lots of décors, and splendid furniture. Choosing this style to stage your room will convey the message of you being a practical person who is in love with details. As the name suggests, it has a tradition in its roots, so the furnishings have a touch of antique feel when it comes to the dark and rich palette of colours, and velvety and silky textiles.

A traditional staged living room or bedroom would mostly appeal to married couples with a family, so if your house first for this description of the ideal buyer, don’t hesitate to transform the home in such a beautiful preview.

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design

If you are living in the moment and everything else is related to the “now and here” phase of life, the contemporary style is probably the best one the incorporate in your selling house. Many people would find themselves surrounded by a welcoming atmosphere because the contemporary design offers something irresistibly known and familiar. Everything that is in trend now can be included in the staging process.

Perhaps this style is the easiest to achieve because it is very fluid and showcases a neutral territory for all different tastes. Also, the right combination of decorative elements with the already existing furniture pieces in the rooms can create a distinctive approach that will appeal to every person who seeks comfort and hospitality.

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