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Virtual Twilight – So the Buyer Can Fall in Love with Their Future Home

Publish on Mar 05, 2019 Virtual Twilight HomeBlogVirtual Twilight – So the Buyer Can Fall in Love with Their Future Home

Along with virtual staging, a new technique that can enhance the beauty factor of the property you are selling is the virtual twilight. This technique has become so popular because of the simplest reasons: lighting conditions matter. They can contribute to a large extent to close the deal.

The Effect of Twilight Lightning

If you are still wondering how that is possible, just imagine your paradise place: does it look better at twilight or at noon? Twilight, right? The same effect goes for presenting houses and properties. Twilight lightning gives a special effect, warmth and glow at the same time, beautifying the visual image. Take a look at the photos. On the left side you can see a daytime photo of the exterior of the home and on the right side is the same photo digitally enhanced with virtual twilight. The strong colours of the picture on the right will certainly stand out a whole lot more.

Twilight Lightning

Daytime VS Twilight

The fact that daytime shoots can be really satisfying in an undisputable truth, but the shoot will work only on bright, sunny days and if the exterior of the property you are selling has vibrant colours and spectacular views. Otherwise, they will look ordinary and not interesting. That is why virtual twilight comes to save the day. The glow of the lights in the interior, no shadows from the sun and a breathtaking sunset will all give a stunning result. Moreover, twilight lighting has powers that can make you feel the need for shelter and protection.

The results of Virtual Twilight

But, how can virtual twilight sell a home in reality? This was the basic question that was used to conduct research, or better yet, a test to see the differences between daytime and evening photography. It was found out that the photo of the house in daytime has about 1000 views a week and about 10 call-ins. Once the photo of the same house, but now with the twilight effect, was put on the website, the views didn’t drop off (as they do normally after 1 week), instead, they picked up by about 50% to 1500 views and 15 call-ins a week.


When it comes to pricing, the virtual twilight service is convenient when you take into consideration all the factors. Usually, it is a service that is offered along with the virtual staging service. Doing real twilight shoots might be a bit more expensive because the time frame is very short – about 30 minutes after the sun goes down, and the professional photographs can do only one shoot a day. Thus, virtual twilight is far better provided that you have the photos digitally enhanced by a professional digital designer or agency.

Bottom Line

Virtual twilight, apart from making the home a much more welcoming place, it can also help the home that has no or little curb appeal. The added glow in the inside of the house and the ambient exterior lighting combined with a stunning visualisation of the sunset, the exterior of the home would look amazing.

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