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Home Staging Statistics That Will Surprise You

Publish on Apr 19, 2019 Virtual Staging HomeBlogHome Staging Statistics That Will Surprise You

By staging your home before you put it for sale, you help the buyer see the potential of their future home and envision their future living there. We have already discussed that virtual staging and traditional staging are different and have different pros and cons, nevertheless, they both bring out the best of the house and help the seller close the deal faster. It is amazing what the statistics say about home staging. Let’s find out how efficient these techniques are in the real estate industry.

virtual vs traditional staging

  • 85% Staged houses sold for 6-25% MORE than the not staged housed,

From the total number of over 4200 staged homes, the research has shown that 85% of the virtually and traditionally staged homes sold at least 6-25% more than those that weren’t staged. That huge percent is based on the fact that people almost always start their search online and are attracted to the houses that offer a glimpse of the design and the overall style of the house. And this has a great impact on the way buyers perceive the potential of the house.

  • 68% Staged homes sold for at least 9% more than their neighbour’s not staged home

This is an astounding percentage that shows how potential buyers overlooked the house that is not staged and picked the one that was staged.

  • 81% of the buyers agree that virtual staging helps them visualise the property

Virtual staging has become a great assent of the relators and individual sellers so that they can show the potential buyer what can be done with the house they are buying. All the ideas are practical and can be used as a design plan if the buyer decides to buy the house.

  • 45% of the buyers love it when the House is presented according to their design preferences

That is another proof that the virtual staging can offer more opportunities to the potential buyer when it comes to the difference of tastes. Having a home virtually staged in several different designs can appeal to a larger target group of buyers, paving the path for a faster and successful deal.

  • 73% less time staged houses spend on the market

The research has shown that once the houses are staged, they spend an average 73% less time on the market. The visualisation is, arguably, the most important factor to start the procedure of selling the house, become as the saying goes “An image is worth a thousand words”. There is an instant connection between the buyer and the house when it is presented in all its glory.

  • 6% increase above the asking price

This is a fantastic fact. The staged homes sell for more than 6% above the asking price set in the beginning, simply because they offer a chance for the potential buyer to imagine how their future would look like living there. What is more, it was found that buyers are willing to spend 1% to 5% more for the house that was staged rather than the one that wasn’t.

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