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How to Stage a Bedroom in a Nick of Time?

Publish on Feb 26, 2021 Virtual Staging HomeBlogHow to Stage a Bedroom in a Nick of Time?

As a real estate agent, you should be aware that success depends mainly on your negotiating skills, the way you manage your appointments, how you choose and serve your clients, and how you present their future home. This means that questions like How to make an offer the clients can’t refuse or how to stage a bedroom to make clients fall in love with the listing are just a few of the things you need to have figured out. Your clients are your treasure, and finding their future home is your primary goal. Staying on top of the industry-related news, trends, and innovations is as important too.

The Real Estate Agent – Client Relationship

What’s most important and what always matters in the real estate world is showing up. Being there for your clients, listening to their dreams, trying to make them a reality, and providing them with all the necessary information they need to know. This is what showing up means for a real estate agent.

Client needs differ, and they often depend on their age, their marital status, and whether they have one or more children. This is why real estate agents find their focus group and spend all their energy and time trying to find the perfect location that reflects their wishes and ideas. One such group are young couples. Real estate agents often focus on them because, as a group, young couples do need a new place for their fresh start in life. However eager they may seem, young couples can be a challenge too. If you work with them, you surely know that they are often in a hurry, and are quite impatient to start their brand new life together.

All that hurry, and little to no time to organize the home you plan to showcase. You’ve probably been there, so, you must know the feeling of having the idea in your head, but not having the time or resources to realize it. So, what can be done here? 

Well, next time you think about how to stage a bedroom (one of the most important rooms for young couples looking for a new home) in a nick of time – think about virtual staging. Their impatience won’t seem as such a problem when you can have a room fully prepared for a showcase in just a couple of hours. Need to know more? Keep on reading.

Virtual Staging Explained

Since pretty much everything is done on the internet, it is no wonder that people start their home search online as well. The real estate industry has seen its benefits from the use of the internet as well, and virtual staging has made satisfying would-be buyers a piece of cake. It has never been as easy as it is today. Virtual stagers create the room you envision, it goes on the market all virtually furnished and decorated, and once potential buyers see it – they start visualizing themselves living there. 

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The process of making a sale has begun before they even see the place. Once they like what they see, and read all the provided information, seeing the place in person will probably solidify their positive vibration. And ta-da, the decision to complete the sale is almost in your hands. Be sure that virtual staging is not a deceptive technique and what clients see is a realistic preview of their future home. When staging a bedroom for sale using this technique you show your clients the possibilities, the size, and the full potential of the room. And that is not even all.

Virtual Staging is Cost Efficient

You and your clients will be pleased to know that virtual staging is a money-saving process that is very effective when considering how to stage a bedroom for sale. Neither you, nor the homeowners who try to sell will waste any time, energy, or an abundance of resources.

All virtual stagers need is a photo of the room, an idea of what the place should look like, and you will have the end product in no time. In a couple of days, actually. No moving trucks, no new furniture pieces. Instead, you will get a realistic photo that is all ready for the Internet market. Remember, when compared to traditional staging, the virtual option is almost 95% cheaper. So, do your math.

Virtual Staging is Time Efficient

As already mentioned above, time is of the essence when selling to a young couple, and virtual staging is efficient in that field too. Just imagine all the time you will save when you don’t have to look for a staging agency, plus waiting for the new pieces to arrive, and get it all together and ready for the showcase. You can sell at least one more home with all that extra time, right?

Target Specific Market

Another big bonus for virtual staging is that you can furnish and decorate the room to fit the younger generation’s needs, style, and preference. You should do your research, and even ask them personally, and have the virtual stagers do the room to fit them perfectly. This way it would be much easier for them to see their future in that particular room. It is much easier than to see an empty room in person.

Importance of Staging the Bedroom for Young Couples

The bedroom is one of the top three rooms to stage for any focus groups, but for young couples is on another level. Understandably so. It is the most special place in the home. The place where youngsters mostly dream about their future, where they create their future, and the place where they can have a romantic evening with their loved one.

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The bedroom is their retreat center, where they get together to unwind after a busy day. Quite often, young couples start the search for their new home right from the bedroom. They look for space where they can regain their mental piece, where they can experience and create their own, personal serene ambience. That is why real estate agents need to pay special attention when thinking about how to stage a bedroom. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help.

Expert Tips for Bedroom Staging

When staged correctly, a bedroom becomes the perfect place to relax, gather your thoughts, and have a beautiful night in with your loved one. For these and more reasons, real estate agents feel the pressure to find the perfect style and design when staging the bedroom for sale. Also always do your research before you start, and don’t forget to check out and include the best bedroom interior design ideas for 2021 in order to create the perfect room. Here are a few additional and very helpful pointers to get you started.

Start from the bed. The bed is the first thing people notice, and it should be designed flawlessly. Pay attention to the size. When wondering how to stage a master bedroom, or how to stage a small bedroom the answer is not always the same. Namely, if the room allows it, you can go for a large bed, with huge pillows and a beautiful cozy throw on top. However, if the bedroom is of a smaller size, you need to include a bed that fits the room. Smaller sized, and one with noticeable legs. It may come to the scenario where you wonder how to stage a guest bedroom too. The process is the same – think about the size of the room, and act appropriately.

Always clean and declutter. Once you decide on the bed, make sure that the room is free of unnecessary stuff that only suffocates the space. The size doesn’t matter here, clutter is not an option. Don’t overdo it with the décor pieces, don’t overcrowd the bed, and definitely don’t leave the room dirty. It is suicide. A real estate suicide. All surfaces need to be spotless, and with minimal décor.

Neutral colors and a bit of texture. This can go a long way. The neutral colors are a smart idea because they are more appealing to a greater number of potential buyers. And if the room is smaller neutral colors will help with visually making the space bigger. And while on the topic, it will make the room look neater and cleaner too. So many benefits, just from a color palette. Once you are done with that part, it is okay to add some texture as well. It can be a rug if you want to fill up the floor space, or you can include patterned pillows or a stylish throw.

bedroom plants

Bring nature inside. This can be achieved in two ways. By adding greenery, and by letting sunlight in. Even if your doubts are about how to stage a bedroom or how to stage a 3 bedroom house or apartment – these details apply anyways. Big, small, guest or not – greenery and sunlight will create a cozier and more welcoming scene. And who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Go minimal on the nightstands and the dresser. If you wonder how to stage a bedroom dresser and nightstands – don’t think too much. You don’t need that many details to make these parts of the room stand out. You can put some books or a lamp on the nightstands. And as for the dresser – if there is enough space you can include a mirror behind it, and add that previously-discussed greenery as well. A beautiful vase with some flowers in it can really spruce up the place.

Go for the cheaper and faster option. Once you have a clear idea of how you want the bedroom to look, it is time to contact a professional virtual stager. Its expertise will help you bring your vision to life. You will save time, money, and end up with amazing results. Your clients will surely appreciate the quick sale.

The Pricing – Spend Less, Sell Faster

It has surely passed your mind whether virtual staging is worth it? When staging a bedroom and considering all your client’s needs, it is hard to put it all into practice. Traditional staging takes time and costs more. 

When compared, you can have a virtually staged room ready in a day or two, whereas traditional staging may take up to a week or two. As for the pricing, it goes from $39 to $199 per room. This mainly depends on the contractor, your location, and the space of the room you want to virtually stage. Traditional staging, on the other hand, may reach up to $1,500.


1. How do you stage a bedroom?

There are a few starting tips that can help. Clean the room and don’t leave any clutter behind. Make the bed an inviting place where people can regain their peace. Go for neutral colors, and let as much light in as possible.

2. What is the first thing you should see when walking into a bedroom?

This mainly depends on the size of the bedroom, and on architectural details (windows, closets, doors). However, the first thing that you should see once you walk into the bedroom is the bed. It should be the focal point of the room, and it should be placed as far as possible from the door.

3. How can I stage a cheap bedroom?

One way to do it is to rely on virtual staging. It is a cheap technique that results in a realistic and fully furnished photo of your bedroom. Another thing you can do is change the bedding, clean the room thoroughly, and repaint the walls. These are cheap options that can change the look of the room visibly.

4. What is the best way to layout a bedroom?

When planning the bedroom layout, you should start from the bed. It is the biggest piece, and it is supposed to be the focal point of the room. Then start balancing – a nightstand on each side of the bed should be a start. Arrange the rest of the pieces so that they are functional and easily accessible, and always think about comfort.

5. Where should a bed be placed in a bedroom?

One option is to place the bed as far as possible from the door. Against the opposite wall if the room allows. It is also best to place it against a wall because of the headboard. It is not advisable to place it under a window.

6. How do you rearrange your room to make it look bigger?

Start by painting the walls a bright color, and letting in as much natural light as possible. Use mirrors to accentuate the natural light effect even more. You can also paint the ceiling darker, and go for space-efficient furniture pieces like built-in shelving around the bed. 

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