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4 Dos and 4 Don’ts When Designing and Staging an Office

If you are thinking about selling, remodeling, or renting an office, you have come to the right place. We will go through some things that matter when staging office space and which mistakes you should avoid if you want to make a successful deal. So, what makes the office different f...

bedroom staging

4 Interior Design Trends for Bedroom Staging in 2021

When you decide to sell your home, you need to know that this entails much more than just paperwork. Sure, the legal technicalities do matter, but another thing you need to focus on is how you present your home. This can make or break the deal. One room that certainly stands out in t...

staging of a kitchen for sale

6 Brilliant Tips for Kitchen Staging That Will Make a Difference

When discussing home staging, many people have their own ideas and theories as to what works best. However, when talking about which room can have a considerable impact and great importance on the sale process  – many agree that is the kitchen. Time spent on staging the kitchen is pretty valuable since the kitchen is the 3rd most ...

exterior staging

How Important Is Exterior Staging of the House You Are Selling?

The first impression of a house can make or break the deal in the real estate industry. And when a potential buyer comes for viewing, what they first see is the outside of the house. Therefore, it is safe to say that the exterior must be in its perfect condition to wow the potential buyers and keep them interested in finding out more a...

virtual staging cost

How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Home Virtually Staged?

One of the best ways to showcase the potential of your home when you are selling it is to have it virtually staged and to upload the photos on the net. Why? There are two very simple reasons why: the first one is that people start their search for their future home online and the second reason is that it will cost you less time, energy...

how to stage a dining room

4 Important Principles in Staging the Dining Room

Dining rooms are the epicentre of family affairs, meetings, holiday celebrations and a place where people enjoy the company of each other. Families get closer over a dinner, relax making conversations about the past day and talk about their future endeavours. All this points to the fact that dining rooms help family members strengthen ...

living room staging ideas

5 Exquisite Living Room Staging Ideas That Will Sell Your House Fast

Nowadays, more than ever before, virtual staging is taking the central place in the real estate business when it comes to house showings. People are limiting their socialising and meeting new people due to the novel pandemic that has shaken the world this year, and because of this, real estate agents find it harder to work real-life to...

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Why Staging the Living Room is the First Step towards a Fast Sell?

When you put a house for a sale, the most important thing is to get the buyers excited about the opportunity to envision their future in it. And to do so, staging the rooms in popular interior designs will capture their attention. Also, it will spark their curiosity to explore further the idea of getting the place. However, when it com...

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Numbers and Other Data That Prove the Relevance of Virtual Staging in Real Estate

Virtual staging has proven a real facilitator for the real estate industry. Relators make great use of it to showcase the full potential of the home and sell them faster. When done professionally, the photos are realistic, and the difference between real and fake (digital) furniture is non-existent. Because of this, the virtual staging...

Chic style like the ’70s

The Best of the Best: Top Interior Decorative Trends in 2019

As we are slowly moving towards the end of 2019, here is an overview of what was and is still very hot in terms of interior design and decorative elements. 2018 was the year of rose gold décor, exposed lighting, and subway tiles, but 2019 offers something fresh and different. Let’s take a look.