Virtual Staging for Real Estate

Which Rooms Should You Virtually Stage to Leave the Biggest Impression?

Once you decide to sell your house you need to think of the ways how to do it: will you make a deal with a real estate agency, or will you try to sell it yourself. If you are not ready to give away about 6% of the sale price to real estate agencies (which is the average amount of money the real estate agencies take for their services) then y...

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staging a house

How Did the Real Estate Industry Change with the Implementation of Technology

People have been buying and selling their houses since ever. However, how the whole process of selling a house is done nowadays is completely different from the methods and techniques in the past when staging a house to sell was the primary method to close the deal. And this is all because of the fast advancement and development of the technology and the World...

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Virtual Twilight of an exterior of a house

Virtual Twilight and Daylight Photos of Real Estate Listings

If you want to sell your house fast you must showcase its full potential and beauty and impress the potential buyers. In order to do so, you must be prepared the moment your list your house, which means you have to be ready to make an impression the very moment you put your house on sale online. There are two things you need to do – take pictures of the exteri...

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small house exterior enhanced with virtual twilight

Virtual Staging Service: A Visual Vision of Your Future Home Decision

When one makes a decision to buy a home, one factor emerges as one of the most important upon which all the future decisions will be made. This factor is visualisation. Perhaps it isn’t among the top 5 factors on your list and perhaps you wonder why I say it is an integral part of the decision making process. Of course, explanations follow. Just ask yourself t...

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Virtual Twilight of a mansion

Virtual Twilight – So the Buyer Can Fall in Love with Their Future Home

Along with virtual staging, a new technique that can enhance the beauty factor of the property you are selling is the virtual twilight. This technique has become so popular because of the simplest reasons: lighting conditions matter. They can contribute to a large extent to close the deal. The Effect of Twilight Lightning If you are s...

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virtual twilight of a house with a pool

Hero Shot in Real Estate: How to Flaunt the Best of Your Listing

You already know that the virtual staging service can provide you with the best opportunity to sell your house. What you should next pay attention to is what kind of photography will grasp the whole attention of your potential buyers. You need a shot so perfect taken just at the right time and showin...

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huge seating arrangement in a living room virtually staged

Staging a House: Traditional VS Virtual – What’s Better?

Selling a house is not a piece of cake. Lots of factors decide whether you will sell your home or the listing you are representing fast or not. The price, the neighbourhood, the condition and the age of the home, they can all make it attractive or appalling. What you can do to raise the interest is to showcase it in the best possible way so that the potenti...

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Virtual House Staging in Scandi Style

The Most Popular Real Estate Agencies That Use Virtual Home Staging

It is not brand news that virtual staging is one very powerful tool the real estate agents make use of. The possibility to digitally create the perfect vision of how a home would look like and present it to the potential buyers has become a very convincing way to sell a property. The impact of the virtual staging service is huge and this can be seen from the m...

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